The Benefits Of The Arts In Schools

Art forms the biggest part of our culture and our identity. While it is often side-lined by parents, art can be incredibly fulfilling for children and their development. New brain research points towards increased social development and self-worth from engagement. We have paired up with a performing arts school in Barnet to share the benefits of art in schools.


Art can be very therapeutic for children, exercising mindfulness and reducing anxiety. It gives children skills to work on with an aspiration of being able to create something succinct and beautiful one day. As your child progresses, so will their self-esteem and it will help them to build essential social skills. Art clubs also give children the opportunity to make new friends and further improve their communication skills.

A Desire to Grow and Develop

As previously mentioned, art gives children something to work towards and perfect. This can teach your child the fundamentals of hard work, patience and instil a growth mindset that will help them throughout their studies. 

Art Strengthens Ability in Other Subjects

Rather surprisingly, art can help children within core subject areas too. Subjects such as history are explored in art when learning about art periods and movements. Soundwaves in music also incorporate elements of science.

Creating a Personal Identity

Your child can form their own identity by finding something that they enjoy or are good at. This can help them to find their own social circle of like-minded people, creating a sense of belonging and security. This can avoid the confusion that children experience when growing up.

Instruments Can Help to Build Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills allow children to pincer, hold and grip using their smaller muscles. These are skills that are built by exercise and repetition. Playing instruments can promote this development by requiring unique finger work like that needed to play the flute.


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