The Best 7 Apps For For Parents Seeking Work-Life Balance

Technology allows us to be more efficient by placing power in our hands, granting us access to the world in a handheld device. While a smartphone can be distracting, they can help you prioritise what matters and take control of your time. 

As a working mum, finding the work-life balance can be tough, especially if you are unable to effectively manage your time. It is important to achieve that work-life balance so you do not miss an important meeting or your child’s first acting performance. 

In this article, we are going to put the spotlight on the 7 best apps for parents seeking work-life balance.


This is a digital planner app that includes sections like grocery lists, recipes, calendar and more. This app stores your information and helps you organise them so they are easier to access. Also, the app allows you to sync your phone’s calendar and contacts to transfer information, and share events, lists, and chores with your family members.


Strides is an app that is designed to help you prioritise your aspirations and set goals to achieve. We all have goals, and Strides is here to help us achieve them. The app allows you to set up reminders which you can use to keep track of your progress. This is the ideal app for parents who need to set aside time to pursue their ambitions.


Many people are living with one illness or the other. Sometimes these illnesses are chronic and need to be monitored closely. MedHelper is an app that is designed to help you remember to take your prescriptions, schedule appointments, ask for refills. The app lets you store all the necessary information and you will be reminded when it’s time to go for an appointment or take a pill. The app provides you with side effects of the pill you are taking and what not to eat or drink with them.

Simply Yoga

When the mind and body are relaxed, achieving a work-life balance becomes more realistic. But finding time to attend yoga classes’ every day isn’t always that simple. Simply Yoga allows you to create time for a 20 to 60 minutes workout wherever you are. The app also lets users create custom routines.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

The Splashtop Remote Desktop allows users to gain access to all the files on their PC or Mac from their smartphone or tablet. The app can allow you to perform tasks like streaming audio or video from your PC or Mac, giving you access to your Powerpoint, Word, Keynote, Outlook, Safari, Firefox, and others. The app allows busy professionals to get some work done even when they are not at their desk in the office.

Voice Recorder

Virtually every smartphone comes with a voice recorder app. This app is mostly in-built, but there are many others that you can download from the Play Store or Apple Store. This app allows you to make audio recordings of important activities that you want to do later. You can use the Voice Recorder app to record important meetings, for voice over recordings and lectures so that you can get back to them at a later time.


Mint is an app designed to help you manage your expenses. It will help you keep track of your finances and check your credit score. The app lets you link your accounts and cards so it can track spending. Mint is a fantastic app that will let you become aware of your spending habits and offer recommendations on how to save.

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