The best flooring trends for 2020

Modernise with luxury vinyl 

There is a reason Vinyl planks and tiles are such a popular choice for all types of domestic situations. If you are a family, it makes maintaining cleanliness throughout the home quicker and if you have pets it prevents floors from being damage or dirtied. It’s worth noting that, when it comes to sprucing up flooring, it’s advisable to use reliable experts. Tiling, for example, should always be done by a professional tile installation team. When it comes to sprucing up your indoors, it is advisable to take it seriously and trust reliable experts Those are just a few examples, but what else can you do with vinyl flooring? Below is a list of design trends which will further inspire you to invest in luxury vinyl flooring.

Big planks

If you like to make a statement but bold colours are a little too far, why not choose a different size plank? Large planks have the same effect as bold colours – they stand out! Also, they make your space look much bigger.

Terrazzo texture

A new edition to the world of design, Terazzo texture is made up of fragments of stone, broken-down shells, glass, and further organic compounds which are moulded together within concrete and then polished. However, you will need to know where to look if you want to find this style without a hefty price tag attached to it.

Parquet pattern

This list would not be complete without with mentioning Parquet. If you haven’t heard of it before, Parquet is a pattern type which lets you use multiple shades of the same colour, in small plank sizes, to great linear or even asymmetric patterns throughout tour home. Great for the creative types who want something unique.


Once again, Monochrome is making a comeback and interior designers love it! The reason for this is that black and white works incredibly well when you add in brass or metal features. You may also choose to make a border pattern using the monochrome colour scheme.

Dark hardwoods

Whilst growing in popularity, dark woods have been popular for many years and seem to have reached their peak. Dark tones can add depth and warmth to large spaces which you may prefer to be cosier and more intimate, such as the bedroom or living room. 

Personalise it with luxury vinyl flooring 

Whichever pattern you choose to enhance your interior design, it’s always good to know where to get the most durable and trendy materials. Amtico Spacia offer a range of lusciously toned vinyl flooring planks which work well with any décor. Looking to do more? Luvanto’s ranges offer distinctive style pattern abilities, with enhanced functionality, making your lifestyle stylish and easier to maintain. Try Endure Pro, Design or Click and Herringbone.

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