The Best Radio Controlled Toys This Christmas

When my son Joe was little, he was obsessed with radio controlled cars. He would literally spend hours crashing them into every wall, chair and sofa in the house, eliciting the cutest of giggles as he went. Despite the rise in computer games and time spent in front of devices (with children doing this from a younger age than ever), the joy of playing with something that is controlled by a remote system is as popular as ever.

It is also educational, you can use remote controlled toys to help develop fine motor skills and understanding of direction, as well as learning their left and right. Modern remote controlled toys can also help with developing teamwork, as some run a dual controlled element that mean two children can play together at once, making them great for siblings.

Here are some of the best remote controlled toys available at Amazon for Christmas 2020. Make sure you look out for Black Friday deals on toys if you are planning to buy.

SGILE 4WD Remote Control Car

This robust, colourful beast promises hours of fun for your kids. The SGILE 4WD Remote Control Car is a RC Stunt Car is able to not only go backwards, forward and reverse, but can also do 360° spins and 180° flips on both sides. This is also a car where the fun can be shared, the 2.4GHz transmitter and far control distance enable multiple players to race with the RC car at the same time.


It’s not just cars and vehicles that are now workable by a remote control, it’s pets too. The ANTAPRCIS RC Robot Dog Toy is a very cute Robot Dog that follows your every command, walking and barking, dancing and singing to order. It is lovely to look at, but is also strong and robust so it will survive even when you little ones get a little rough with it.

ANTAPRCIS RC Remote Control Car Toy

Another gorgeous beast of a car perfect for little petrolheads, this RC Racing Car is a speedy drift car. It is powered by a strong motor, which means this can drift and reach up to a speed of 18km/h, making it fast and furious, and a perfect gift for mini speed demons.

ANTAPRCIS RC Gesture Control Robot 

For many, a RC Robot is still the king of remote controlled toys going right back to the Metal Mickey days of the late 1970’s/early 1980’s. The ANTAPRCIS RC Gesture Control Robot is a programmable robot that can input 50 motion commands and demonstrate a set of actions that the child enters through the remote control. It can sing and dance and respond quickly after receiving various gesture commands. It is an intelligent toy that can be programmed to avoid obstacles in its way, offering hours of fun to an older child.

ANTAPRCIS Large RC Dinosaur Robot

My final choice will please all those children who, like George from Peppa Pig, are dinosaur mad. The ANTAPRCIS Large RC Dinosaur Robot is a gorgeous RC Dinosaur that can slide, walk and dance, wag his tail and shake his head. He had LED eyes and a range of dinosaur sounds that are sure to delight, and can also adopt a battle mode where he Receives fight signals from transmitter and can then roar and perform the battle action, lock the target and launch sucker bullets.

Does your child love a remote controlled toy? Which would they choose?





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