The Best Shoes To Wear With Skirts For Women

Skirts have easily become one of the most loved clothing pieces among many women. Skirts, in general, offer a certain feminine look, that most other female clothes fail to do so. If you are a skirt lover like me, then rest assured you will be spending most of your time looking for the perfect shoe. Though this can be fun at times, if you are a complete beginner to female fashion, you can easily end up wasting hours of time and still not find your perfect pair of shoes. If this sounds like you, then don’t worry as in this article we have made sure to list out some of the best women’s shoes that we think will go really well with all types of skirts available in the market. 

Sometimes the difference in looks between a quality and a mediocre shoe depends on the seller you buy them from. Not to forget, a good quality shoe always speaks of your character. Thus, if you struggle to find a reliable vendor for the shoes that you want to wear with skirts, make sure you look at Dream Pairs Shoes. If they sound new to you, then know that Dream Pairs provides quality and affordable shoes available in the market for both women and kids.  What makes them stand out is the unique and stylish designs they provide with their collections. 


Sneakers are one of the most loved shoes on the market. And when these shoes are paired with skirts, no matter the length, they never let you down. Sneakers are best at what they do. They give you a youthful look, which is a dealbreaker for many, and provide hundreds of different sneaker styles. Even though all skirt lengths can be worn with sneakers, the most paired option is knee-length skirts. Additionally, sneakers can also become your one shoe for all purposes, usually because of how well they are built for almost all of your everyday activities.

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Being one of the most comfiest shoes on the market, sandals are a must buy, even if you don’t prefer wearing them with skirts. But in case you had no idea, know that sandals for women are famous among below knee and midi skirts that are worn during your various beach visits. They are also a lifesaver during summer or any hot day where you might want to avoid any feet sweats.

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Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots have been on the market for a really long time. These boots have always been a go-to choice for many women when it comes to pairing with skirts. Be it short skirts, knee-length skirts, or even long skirts, these shoes will always add style to them. They have also become a wardrobe staple in recent years. Knee-high boots, as the name suggests, extend up to the knee. Though these shoes might not be a practical choice on a hot day, they have become the go-to choice during winter or other colder days. Knee-high boots are a must buy option for every skirt lover.

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Of all the shoes on this list, the pumps are considered more as formal shoes. These shoes are usually available in solid colors, with little to no designs, giving their plain look, a formal touch. Hence, for all those pencil skirts that you might have planned to wear for your business meetings and formal dinners, the pumps are your best option and will not let you down. 

High Heels

High heels and pumps are very similar. The only major difference they possess is that the heel height of pumps is never more than an inch and has a peep toe or a closed toe design that makes the shoe formal. High heels, on the other hand have a higher heel height that is usually more than an inch, come in various styles, and are considered more as a casual footwear. Since there are more casual skirts than formal skirts, high heels ultimately become a must have shoe if you love skirts. In addition, the high heels also give you a ladylike vibe when paired with a skirt.

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Ankle Boots

If pumps are not your thing for formal occasions, you can easily replace them with ankle boots. These boots are also one of the best choices to be matched with skirts and are more suitable for semi-formal outfits, though they can be worn for formal and casual occasions as well. Ankle boots come with various options ranging from heel style to different closures and prints. Make sure you have a thorough look at them before picking your choice.

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Loafers are not just for men. These shoes, in recent years, have slowly become popular among women as well. The most famous types of loafers are penny loafers that can easily blend in with skirts. But other types can also look fashionable. When it comes to skirts the above-knee length skirts are the most paired option, though you can pair them with other lengths too, especially if you like the way you look. These shoes, especially the leather variant, give you a semi-formal vibe. Hence if you are not a fan of heeled pumps, these shoes could be your perfect replacement.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, nowadays, you have skirts for almost all occasions. Thus, if you plan on buying skirts, or already have a handful of them and need a proper shoe guide, this is probably the only article you will need, especially if you are a beginner. With that said, make sure to research a lot before buying your favorite shoe so that you don’t end up regretting your decision later.

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