The Biggest Challenges You Face as a Single Parent

No-one intentionally sets out to be a single parent, in many cases, there was love in the early the days of a relationship, so it can be upsetting when you then have to face life alone with your child. However, although being a single parent isn’t easy, there are many challenges that you will face that can be overcome with determination and hard work. Here are a few of those challenges and how to deal with them.


One of the most talked about topics of parenting is discipline. Everyone has an opinion on what constitutes effective enforcement of the rules, but they are often different from each other so knowing the best method is difficult. While children need structure and boundaries, they also need to know that you value them and love them. If you are constantly shouting and telling them off, then there might be a problem developing that you need to address. While speaking to other parents can be useful, their methods might be at odds with your own views. It is important that you try to do what you feel is right while seeking advice on specific issues.


If you have young children, then trying to work and look after them can be immensely difficult. However, it can also be a vicious circle of not having enough money but not having the time to work to get money. If you are lucky, then you may have family that can look after your child for a few hours while you go to work. You can then think about nursery as they get older to lessen the burden on them. Although many single parents don’t like asking for help, there are often many ways that you can get the assistance you need so you can work. Research all the avenues available to you, to see what help there might be for you.


As a single parent, your finances might be limited, but it is important to keep yourself on a positive level. Taking out loans and credit cards to try and pay bills might work in the short term, but it will become impossible to deal with later. If you are divorced, then you should be getting some type of support from your ex-partner. If they are not meeting their obligations, then you should be seeking the assistance of your solicitor. It is important you seek the advice of someone who specializes in divorce maintenance in Illinois so that you know what you should be entitled to. It is also important that you try to maintain a tight budget that will allow you and your child to live without spending beyond your means. If you can be focused and diligent, then you can remain financially stable.

Although it might seem hard, being a single parent requires strength and determination that you are more than capable of showing. Many of the problems you face are the same as those of many other families, all you need is the belief in yourself and the love for your children.

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