The Cat In The Hat – Great Fun!

If you get people to name a favourite book from their childhood, it is a safe bet to say Dr Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat’ would rate right up there in the top ten. The tale of two children left to their own devices when they have to stay indoors on a rainy day, who are then led astray by Thing One, Thing Two and the charismatic but very naughty title character, is a 21st century classic. In this adaptation by the Curve and Rose Theatre Kingston, it is a funny, charming and acrobatic production that had the young audience and parents alike united in delight.

The staging of this show is just perfect, with a set that is just right for the destruction and mayhem that will be unleashed. Added to this is the use of props that add to a great level of interaction with the audience, from bubbles to flow throughout the theatre, to the water pistols that ensure everyone has a good soaking. Catchy and recognisable songs that the audience can also get involved with also help the show to feel like it passes very quickly and pleasurably, with everyone able to join in with the singing, or at least the actions.

The cast are perfect in their roles, with the right level of enthusiasm, and also athleticism, to make this a visual treat. The pick is Nana Amoo Gottfried as Cat, a funny and charming actor who also combines supreme balance and circus skills , particularly in a scene that involves balancing on a giant ball whilst holding a whole host of objects. Thing One and Two  (Celia Francis and Robert Penny) are also good, super as they turn somersaults and proceed to wreck the stage.

The Cat in the Hat is perfect family entertainment, just the right amount of time in length, and with plenty of memorable moments that your little ones will be talking about long after they have left the theatre.

The Cat in the Hat is currently on a UK tour and you can find all the details here.


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