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The Cineworld family experience and Zootropolis

One of the great things about your children getting that little bit older is the chance to enjoy family film experiences. Because, as much as I love watching movies at home with Joe during a duvet day, there is nothing like the experience of the cinema – the smell of popcorn, watching those trailers, filling the face with pick and mix and enjoying a great film on the big screen.

On Saturday Pete, Joe and I went to our nearest branch of Cineworld to enjoy Zootropolis, the latest Disney release. I have been to this particular Cineworld on a few occasions, but Joe had never been and was excited, as he always is when he tries out a new place.Cineworld is a 14 screen multiplex that is situated on the Bentley Bridge retail park this makes it ideal if you want to eat out after a movie with Bella Italia, Chiquitos and Nando’s all within walking distance. It has great parking and is also served well by the local bus services. It has many different sized auditoriums, all with really comfortable and roomy seats.




Joe was really excited to see a huge Ninja Turtle on display in the foyer. He posed for pictures whilst I collected tickets from the pre-booking machines. These are easy to use, especially if you are in a hurry. There are plenty of food outlets where you can purchase movie friendly food before the performance, from a dedicated Pick and Mix area to Nachos with a choice of dips, huge bags of popcorn, and a range of chocolate and sweet treats. There are also dispensed and bottled drinks for you to take in.




If you do arrive a little early, there is a small arcade area where you can while away a little time before your film starts.


Hurray for Zootropolis – a children’s film that adults will actually enjoy. Judy Hopp is a hero for our times, told she will never make it as a police officer, she strives hard to finish top of her class and arrives at Zootropolis, where all mammals live together in harmony. But some creatures have been disappearing, and when Judy finally gets on the case, she finds that maybe we can’t escape our biology and how we are programmed to be. Teaming up with Wiley Fox Nick, Judy has just 36 hours to solve the case or go back to traffic – will she be able to do this!

Zootropolis is sharp and funny and warm, full of jokes that parents will laugh at too (the speeding sloth is just hilarious, as is the Mafioso skunk.) Definitely a movie that will impress the young, and the young at heart.






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  • Laura May

    Glad to hear you had a great time at the cinema and zootropolis doesn’t sound like your usual type of Disney film. I’m one of the few people in their 20s who isn’t obsessed with Disney and wanting to “relive” their childhood through it because to be honest, a lot of the films are so samey and I don’t get the buzz! This sounds different and I might find myself stumbling upon it if I fancy a film in the afternoon at some point. I’m much more of a marvel kid! X

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