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Even if you tend to avoid dresses for the rest of the year, the coming of real sunshine and summer holidays may mean you forgo your usual fashion rules and opt for a frock. Dresses come in so many different guises now, so you can usually find something that suits your height, your shape, your colouring and your personal style without having to compromise too much. Dresses can be cool. be comfortable, be classic or ultra fashionable, they can help you flash the flesh or cover a multiple of sins, and a dress is never less than an interesting addition to your wardrobe.

I have been looking at dresses in a wealth of styles and prints and patterns from the likes of Reiss, Joanie Clothing and Elsie’s Attic to show some of the coolest, most elegant and also most fun dresses around.

A Summer Wedding

Summer is the season for weddings, and this year has seen some amazing celebrity weddings including Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie this weekend past, and of course the royal wedding. If you are looking for a perfect dress for a summer wedding, my pick is the stunning Ostia Maxi from Reiss, which is in a super soft pink shade and is described as vintage satin. It is gorgeous!

Sunday Funday

A lazy Sunday in the park basking in the sun, calls for a cotton sundress that is easy to wear, feels cool and yet still looks super fresh and pretty. Joanie Clothing has some amazing sundresses with a vintage feel, and the Sunday Floral Stripe sun dress is one of my favourites.

Workwear that keeps you looking cool

The sunshine doesn’t mean that we can spend our times reading books whilst topping up our tans, we still need to go to work and that may mean taking a good look at our workwear. I love this Jackie dress from Reiss (named after Mrs Kennedy surely), a twist on the traditional shift that would not only look efficient in the workplace but could also take your for cocktails afterwards.

The copycat dress at a fraction of the price

Don’t you love it when you find a dress that is outside of your price range, and then find something very similar at a fraction of the price? I loved the Oasis dress from the Natural History museum collection (you can see it here), but this dress from Joanie is very similar and a fraction of the price. In the current sale it is just £20 – a complete bargain.

Date Night Dress

A little black dress is still the chicest option when it comes to date night, and this stunning 1950s inspired number from Elsie’s Attic brings to mind the stunning looks of film goddesses of times gone by.

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