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The High Heel Survival Guide

Winter is one of the worst times of the year when it comes to doing damage to your feet. The weather is bitterly cold causing the ground underfoot to be slippy and dangerous, but party season calls for glitter, glamour and high heels. It is always important to look after our feet at any time of the year, but the season of merriment and festivities is also the season of chillblains, blisters and sore tootsies. In addition, this is the one time of year when the toenails really need to sparkle – you don’t want the look of your Jimmy Choos spoiled by uneven and split nails.

Respected shoe retailer Charles Clinkard have put together a fun and informative infographic detailing some of the problems our feet face in winter, whether it is due to high heels (and as someone who once broke toes falling from a car when my heel got stuck in a seatbelt, I truly know all about those sorts of problems!), or even the sorts of nasty little issues we can have when the feet feel warm and cosy in our boots (sweaty feet anyone – yuck!).

The infographic also has a few ideas for tackling these problems – I’m suggesting you print it off and stick it on the inside of the wardrobe in order to have stress free feet this Christmas and New Year.














 vb-heat-oct-13-1I instagrammed these shoes with the caption ‘I’ve had to abandon them. My feet are killing me! #fashion



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