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The Iconic Kate Moss at Topshop – the end of an era.

Of all our modern-day style icons, Kate Moss is the one we most revere. She has become a style legend – the women who looks good in anything and everything, the model who has launched a thousand looks. Pirate boots – that was Kate. Festival chic matching glitter to Hunter wellies – that was Kate too. Fringed flapper style dresses worn with Mary Janes – Yes, you’ve guessed it, vintage Kate Moss. No wonder we all gasped in disbelief and excitement when it was first announced that Kate was going to do a collection in collaboration with everyone’s fave high street store ‘Topshop‘. Just the idea that you might be able to buy a slice of that wardrobe on the High Street was enough to send a fashionista into raptures. And the collections had it all. The sequined capes, vintage looking tea dresses, the fake furs, the skinny scarves, there was just enough Kate in them to make them totally covetable.

But now, 14 collections later, the final Kate Moss Topshop collection has been launched. The stunning Kate was apparently at the launch party held on November 1st for just 6 minutes, but this was time enough to show that she could still outshine young whipper-snappers like Daisy Lowe and Georgia May Jagger with a DIY fringe and a cool and sexy catsuit.

As a massive fan of Kate and her extraordinary style, I dragged my fellow ‘hens’ to Topshop’s flagship store at Oxford Circus last week in order to check out the full collection and the Kate Moss artwork on display around the store. I was totally impressed by the range, by its opulence and glamour, but I also found it eerily familiar – like a snapshot of Kate’s life in clothing.  Key dresses and outfits were bought to mind by the stunning creations.

Looks familiar?

The beautiful midnight blue sequined evening gown instantly evoked images of Kate’s 30th birthday party, where she had worn a very similar dress that had once belonged to Britt Eckland to a party with the theme ‘The beautiful and the Damned’.

The gorgeous vintage champagne, bias cut dress from the new collection is reminiscent of the stunning dress that clumsy Courtney Love so memorably ruined at the ‘Golden Age of Couture’ exhibition. Kate, ever resourceful, tied this up as a funky mini and it was later offered for auction.

The cute tea dresses are pure Pete Doherty era Kate. She wore a pretty green daisy print one which spawned a thousand imitations, not the least this one, from the girl herself.

Then you have Kate maxi dresses that remind me of the design she wore for the Ibiza wedding of make up expert  Charlotte Tilbury. Darker – yes. But similar – definitely.

Overall, I was really impressed with the whole collection. It is certainly glitzy enough for any Christmas social event, and beautiful enough to become a classic piece in your wardrobe. Topshop will miss the fashion magnetism of Ms Moss if this really is the last collaboration. (Special projects and one offs are rumoured to be in the pipeline.) She bought rock and roll cool to the high street, but with a magpie’s eye for glitter and glamour.


iconic artwork


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