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The Incredible Intergalatic Journey Home from Lost My Name

I have said on many occasions that I think the best kind of books are the personalised ones. A personalised gift is truly one of a kind, and is very special to the person that receives it, it is something that they will want to keep and treasure forever.

Lost My Name produce beautifully illustrated, personalised story books for children. Their first book was, not surprisingly, called ‘Lost My Name’ and followed a child on a special journey as they traveled to find out their name, collecting letters from weird and wonderful animals on route. Joe loved this book and we have read it over and over, it never loses its charm or magic.DSCN3104[1]

Now the company have created a new adventure, and this time it is all about a journey through the galaxy as you try to find your way home. ‘The Intergalactic Journey Home’ is again filled with bright and beautiful illustrations, with a lead character who you can personalise to look as much like your child as possible.  Of course, the personlisation this time is not just the name of the lead character, but also your address, and maps and images that correspond to your address.



Creating your own book is very easy, a name and address are all you need to start the journey, and the finished book is a lovely reading experience between you and your child. The best way to read this is by not announcing the surprise, but by letting your child read through and suddenly discover a book about their own home and journey to get to it.



Joe loves his book, and with Christmas not all that far away (I know, I’ve mentioned the ‘C’ word, don’t shoot me down in flames.) this is a ideal stocking filler. I also think this would be a lovely gift for a new baby, perhaps teamed with the original ‘Lost my Name’ book.




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