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The Most Pet Friendly Cities In Florida

Owning a pet has so many wonderful advantages. People who own pets can get lots of exercise, make connections with other people and have an animal companion who appreciates their company. If you live in Florida or you’re planning to move there, you’ll want to look for cities in Florida that make it easy to enjoy owning a dog. These five cities should be at the top of your list. They offer everything from lots of open spaces to indoor attractions that are happy to see you and your favorite doggy.

Miami Beach

With miles of beautiful beaches, Miami is one place that is ideal for dog lovers. Several beaches in the area are ideal when you want to take a way. Head off Hobie Beach and bring your dog along. Hobie Island Beach Park lets you bring your dog there and let him off the leash so he can run free on a secluded and beautiful space. The warm sand lets you enjoy your time with him. Other beaches in the area that are ideal for dogs include South Pointe Park and Hollywood Dog Beach.


One of the largest cities in Florida is also the place to be if you’re bringing along a pet. This is a city that loves the sunshine and wants to provide residents with lots of chances to enjoy it fully. If you’re looking for places for lunch, many places in the area offer a chance to eat outdoors. They welcome your pet along with you on the patios as you soak up the sun and have a cool drink. It’s also a city with lots of outdoor parks so there’s plenty of place for dogs and owners to get a good, fast, fun walk.

Fort Lauderdale

Laid back Fort Lauderdale has a relaxed vibe that makes it feel just right for anyone in search of an unhurried lifestyle. If you are bringing along a pet for even more relaxation, Fort Lauderdale officials are happy to help you and your pet enjoy places like Canine Beach where you can let the sun warm you up as your dog goes swimming. If you are planning to move here, you’ll need expert help for you and all your pets. ZFC Real Estate has all the listings of homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale that are currently on the market.  Suddath Ft. Lauderdale long distance moving company can make sure this move goes smoothly from start to your home.


This coastal city offers so many chances to spend time enjoying the marvelous Florida climate people can barely count them all. This is the place to be in Florida if you love the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa residents have lots of chances to head off and go boating, kayaking and water skiing. You can bring your pet with you. They’ll love the feel of the waves gently lapping against the shore or next to your favorite boat. On land, there are twenty fabulous dog parks that let you and your dog have fun any time of the year.


Centrally located Orlando is noted for so many things. This is where millions of people fly from the United States and all over the globe. If you want to make it your full time home, this is a great place to settle with your pet. Orlando communities often go out of their way to invite pet owners to settle there. Lots of communities offer dog runs as well as pet friendly events all year long such as Release the Hounds Pet Fest. The warm weather means chances for any dog and owner to bond outside.


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