The New Walsall Art Gallery 20 For 2020

It is quite hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the post modern delight that is the New Walsall Art Gallery first opened its doors. I remember it so well. I was in teaching then and was invited to the opening, and remember well the lovely restaurant space and roof terrace that was such a wonderful change to the small museum in the town’s library that had previously been home to art in Walsall.

20 years on, and it has seen some amazing works exhibited in the gallery, including a wide and diverse range of modern art that works so beautifully with the priceless art and sculpture of the Garman Ryan collection, the works of Jacob Epstein and others that was donated to Walsall by Epstein’s widow and muse, Kathleen Garman, in 1973.

Early last week, before the gallery shut its doors for the foreseeable, I went to see the 20 for 2020 exhibition, a range of paintings, prints and installations that celebrate the diversity of the collection at the New Walsall Gallery, along with also having a local reflective stance.

In light of beautiful art work being something that can raise the spirits and the mood, I have decided to share some of the pieces I loved from the exhibition, in the hope that once the doors are re-opened, you will be able to go and take a look for yourself.

Hew Locke

This is spectacular up close, a must see. (See more images from Hew Locke here)

Rita Donagh – Black Country (2003)

David Hockney The Print Collector 1969

Sir Jacob Epstein Frances and Joan (1939)

Soheila Sokhanvari Two Serious Ladies (2015)

Grazia Toderi, Orbite Rosse  (2009)

Ruth Claxton – Postcard, Portrait of Kitty (2014)

Rachel Goodyear

The Singh Twins

I love this vibrant image of Walsall Market!

More exhibits

You can read more about the exhibition, and see more photographs of the art work, at the New Walsall Art Gallery website.

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