The Perfect Grey Jumper From Cho Fashion And Lifestyle

Once upon a time, my choice of basic and classic clothing was always black. But in recent times, I have developed a love for grey, as a basic, as a neutral and as a stylish classic. Grey jumpers, worn with jeans or a black leather pencil skirt, have become almost a uniform of choice for me, something that I don’t have to think about, and yet know it will look good.

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle is an award-winning, independent designer clothing retailer with a passion for beautiful brands and professional service. It stocks great ranges from the likes of Joules, White Stuff, Hunter Boots, Barbour and many more. They also stock Great Plains, which, in its current range has what could be the perfect grey jumper.


Great Plains Cashmere Boat Neck Womens Jumper
Code: 14165
£70.00 Click to visit Cho Clothing

The Great Plains Cashmere boat neck woman’s jumper is a loose fitting, slouchy style sweater that is just perfect to wear with jeans. It is a soft and cosy cashmere blend that makes it very comfortable to wear for things like the football, the school run or to do a bit of shopping, but it can also be dressed up with the addition of a scarf or a statement necklace.

The jumper has a slight boxy shape due to the boat neck and loose fit – think knitted sweatshirt. I chose this in size large as I wanted a casual unfitted look, but if you wanted it to look more fitted, I would suggest you size down as the proportions are generous. The thin knit and shape would make this great for layering over a shirt, and the slight dip to the hemline at the back is a brilliant feature for those who want to cover their bottom. It is shorter at the front, so this could also be layered over a basic top with the underlayer showing as a feature.

This is a jumper that you will be able to wear all year, and wear for years to come.

17 thoughts on “The Perfect Grey Jumper From Cho Fashion And Lifestyle

  1. Love this jumper! It’s so cute and looks comfortable. used to wear black all the time too. I heard it was slimming and I always had shoes to match . I’ve tried to incorporate more color into my wardrobe so I don’t look like I’m always going to funeral.

  2. I love how versatile this piece is. I could think of so many outfits I could wear this with.

  3. I really like that sweater. Gray is one of my favorite colors. It is neutral and can be comfortably combined with many other colors.

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