The Perfect Silver Hoops From Aquila Jewellery

Whilst fashion in general has sometimes took a back seat in 2020, jewellery has been something that has certainly been pushed to the forefront. Zoom calls have meant that statement necklaces and neat earrings are a way to decorate our top halves, even if we are still wearing tracksuit bottoms (or even pjs) on are bottom half.

I love earrings, and have been searching for the perfect, wear every day hoops, for a long time. My ideal hoop would be easy to put in, light and comfortable to wear, and would look great with anything and everything from my wardrobe. The SABA – SMALL CHUNKY TEXTURED SILVER HOOPS from Aquila Jewellery totally fit that bill.

I love the ethos of Aquila Jewellery, jewellery that has been inspired by faraway travels, so poignant in 2020 when our world’s have shrunk beyond belief. Stacey Hodkinson, the owner of Aquila, sums it up beautifully here:-

Each collection is inspired by a place that I have visited or lived in for a short time, which has led to an emotional connection. I want to celebrate and capture travel and dreams of adventure, and special milestones that people can relate to. Whether it be a token of love, a special celebration, a marker of success or recognition of friendship.

The Saba hoop earrings are inspired by the island of Saba, in the Netherlands Antilles. They are a small, chunky, ribbed design made from sterling silver (925), and I love that they were designed in Brighton, and then handmade in Bali, as they truly bring to mind the beautiful jewellery you find when you travel around the Far East.

The hoops shine beautifully, and are very easy to put in your ears, with a hinged clasp that closes easily – no fiddling around trying to close them. The design is beautiful and timeless, hoops never go out of fashion, but these are also neat and stylish as they are subtle, rather than in your face.

The earrings would make a wonderful Christmas present, as they come in a neat, organic gift bag. I love this idea, rather than boxes that often come with a cardboard sleeve, creating more waste. The bag could even be hung on your Christmas tree, as a gift for a loved one this year.

You can take a look at Aquila’s full range of hoops, click here to view.


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