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The return of Paloma Faith

I am so pleased about the return of Paloma Faith, the quirkiest Goddess of music. I’m a huge fan of her music, love her live performances and her mad as a box of frogs persona, and I totally adore her off-the-wall personal style which amazes, amuses and grabs admiration in equal measures.

In an era of stylists and perfection, Paloma offers something unique to the world of fashion. In many ways she is the natural heir to Isabella Blow’s throne, at the moment nobody can rock a fascinating (and sometimes bizarre) hat like Paloma can. She also uses the costumes of her previous careers in burlesque and as a magician’s assistant to add a touch of dramatic to each outfit. Paloma is the sort of woman for whom casual means a four-inch heel and an animal skin trench coat. And we truly love her for this.

A natural front rower, Paloma is best suited to the va va voom designs of Dolce and Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood. There is something of an old film star about her style, she is glamour personified, from the Rita Hayworth red hair to the red lips.  I don’t mind admitting that she is the star I’d most like to dress like when I grow up (ahem…) because her style is all woman, but with the element of fun that you don’t see in the grown up style of Victoria Beckham. Take one part Rita Hayworth, add one part Carrie Bradshaw and one part Isabella Blow and you have Paloma.

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