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The shy girl’s guide to lingerie

As women, the concept of lingerie can sometimes leave us in a cold sweat. From bras to garters to knickers to girdles, with such a wide selection to choose from, it can be extremely difficult to know where to start. If you’re overcome with shyness at the thought of your unmentionables, read this handy guide to discover how your intimates don’t necessarily have to be intimidating.

Take it back to basics

While bras and knickers are the prominent features of any underwear collection, it’s important to ensure you’re fully equipped with the much needed lingerie basics. Take a look at your wardrobe and establish what you wear most often. For example, if you tend you wear skirts and dresses on a regular basis, perhaps some high quality hosiery is what you need. As hosiery specialists Tights and More mention, tights are a key staple of every girl’s wardrobe and can be used for a variety of occasions. Moreover, if you find you regularly wear t-shirts, a good quality, full coverage bra might be what you need. You may find it useful to assess your clothing collection to see what pieces you could benefit from adding to your collection.


Step outside your comfort zone

As nerve-racking as it may seem, stepping outside of your comfort zone might not be as bad as you think. While you may feel safe with your usual, everyday essentials, there is no harm in supplementing your collection with some more alluring pieces. For example, a co-ordinated set of a matching bra and briefs is bound to make you feel gorgeous and ultra-feminine. You could even opt for something more enticing such as a sheer camisole, a figure-shaping corset or a pair of elegant stockings to give yourself the ultimate confidence boost. Once you feel more comfortable, you might want to book a session with a Kalamazoo boudoir photographer to show off your lingerie.

Check your size

It’s important to ensure the lingerie you choose is the correct size for your shape. Ill-fitting garments are more than likely to cause you discomfort, so it’s worth getting to know your body and investing in pieces that you offer you the support and comfort you need. Most women’s clothing stores have a lingerie department with specially trained staff available who are more than happy to take your measurements and help you choose the right sized products – just don’t be afraid to ask.

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Embrace different colours

If your lack of lingerie knowledge means you naturally gravitate towards pieces that are plain and simple, you could benefit from adding a little colour to your underwear drawer. While you may argue that black and white undergarments ‘go with everything’, it can be fun to experiment with different shades, tones and even textures. From daring, deep reds to pretty, pastel blues, underwear can be found in just about any colour you want.


By following this guide, you may find the idea of intimate apparel a lot less daunting. As long as you feel confident, you’ll look great in whatever you choose to wear.

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