The top 3 things To Do In Cornwall

When traveling for a holiday vacation with family or friends, one of the most difficult things to do is finding a place that would offer enough activities and attractions that would be enjoyed by everyone in the group. For those who are looking for a holiday destination that is diverse enough to satisfy people with different interests and hobbies, Cornwall is the perfect place to go to.


Whether you are a lover of art, history or even surfing, there is something for you to enjoy at Cornwall. There are so many things to do that even if you stay there for a week, you will still not be able to go to all the tourist attractions that the place has to offer.


For those who are not sure what they can do or where they can go in Cornwall, here are three things that tourist should never miss out on when on a holiday there.


  1. Visit the Eden Project – the beautiful Biomes seem like they came straight out of a science fiction film. But these domes contain the largest rainforest in captivity in the whole world. The place is so big that there is even a waterfall inside! This eco-attraction lets tourists see thousands of plant species, from places like Europe, South America, and West Africa. If you happen to visit during summer, there are rock concerts staged at times while in winter they offer ice-skating aside from the usual attractions.


  1. Enjoy the beach and do water activities – for the more adventurous souls, check out Newquay which boasts of impressive swells that attract the serious surfers. They even hold surfing competitions, so maybe surfing enthusiasts from your group can enjoy watching that. Aside from surfing, tourists can also go stand up paddle boarding, body boarding and sailing.  If relaxing at the beach is more your thing, Cornwall has some of the most relaxing beaches that have the best view. To make it a little more unique, at Perranporth beach, you can ride a horse for a different way to go around the beach.


  1. Visit the gardens of Cornwall – if you have a green thumb, Cornwall is the perfect place as it is often described as the garden capital of the world. The Lost Gardens of Heligan is a beautiful place to visit, but if you will come as a large group, make sure that your prior to ensure that you will have a slot as the gardens are popular with tourists. Going through the Victorian Productive Garden will feel like you have stepped back in time while in another part it will feel like you have been transported to an outdoor jungle.


There are so many more places to visit in Cornwall aside from those that are listed above. Aside from the attractions, there’s also the delicious cuisine that one must not miss when going there. Check out this site if you need help in planning a Cornwall holiday. They not only have a detailed list of the things to do but even suggested places where guests can stay to have a more enjoyable vacation.

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