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The top 5 budget friendly hearing aids for 2017

Studies showed that if hearing loss goes untreated, it can lead to other major problems including the decline of memory and concentration and even depression. Luckily, a hearing aid is the best solution to cure hearing loss. It has improved the conditions of people who suffer hearing loss and made them live the life of a normal person. The only problem that everyone can agree on is that hearing aids are not cheap. They can be very expensive and because of that, people tend to avoid getting treatment. Today however, the Hearing Aid industry has made affordable and over the counter hearing aids to ensure that everyone who suffers hearing loss can get the same treatment regardless of their income. Digital hearing aids that are rechargeable are also available and they are easier and more convenient to use.  As of this writing, the market for affordable hearing aid is expanding and presenting the consumers with more options to choose from. Even if they are cheaper, they never compromise the features needed to give aid to the people who lost their hearing.

In this article, we ranked the best budget friendly hearing aids to assist you in your search for a suitable hearing aid for your needs. Not only are they light on the pocket, they are also top rated hearing aid products as well.



  1. I-Hear HD

I-Hear HD is one of the most affordable hearing aid in today’s market. Its price ranges from $300 to $600 excluding the other expenses. It is designed to operate reliably for about 18-24 months and has a battery life of 7-10 days. It is the first high-quality invisible hearing aid that allows you to program the settings at home. The only downside of this product is that it is not suitable for people with severe hearing loss. It is only designed for those with subtle deficiency.

  1. Sonic Cheer-20

This hearing aid is estimated to cost you about $990. It can fix your hearing loss ranging from the minor to severe cases. It is affordable and has the right amount of features to satisfy your needs. It has a standard communication needs and a basic binaural processor. It has everything you are looking for in a standard hearing aid with an affordable price.

  1. Sonic-Pep 20

Sonic Pep 20 is the ideal choice for the first-time users with basic hearing needs. It is an affordable product that does not sacrifice the basic needs you are looking for in a hearing aid. Like its cousins in the Sonic Industry, it comes in different styles such as Power BTE, BTE, directional ITC, non-directional ITC and a CIC. It also has the Sonic signature Speech Variable Processing to maximize the speech signal even in a noisy environment. It is a superior hearing aid with an affordable price.

  1. Rexton Emerald 30

Rexton Emerald 30 has three RIC hearing aids with the amplification and clarity that fits the consumer’s needs. It covers a wide fitting range for many levels of hearing loss. Its Quadcore Technology introduces a new dimension of better hearing by using the power of the Industry’s most energy efficient binaural hearing platform. The best part of this hearing aid is that it will only cost you $875.

  1. Rexton Joy 10

This product of Rexton is an economical choice that gives a versatile performance. It has the performance quality of other Rexton products but with a lower price. It has a wide range of features across three performance levels including directional microphones and flexible user control options. The price of this product is $750. It is very affordable and at the same time superior.

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