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The top 5 health tests you should have done in a lifetime

Keeping yourself healthy is the only way you can guarantee that you will always be able to provide for yourself and your family. Especially in this generation where new diseases regularly pop out of nowhere, one must always take that extra precaution in their health. It is not enough that you eat a balanced diet or have yourself enrolled in physical activities, it is also recommended that you undergo certain health tests that will allow you to learn about your condition and detect any abnormality that might become a bigger problem in the future.

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According to studies, colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer deaths among men and women. It is a very common cancer which primarily attacks your digestive system. And in today’s common lifestyle, where people are getting used to unhealthy diet via fast and instant foods, we are more exposed to carcinogens that can ultimately develop into cancer cells in our intestines or colon. Fortunately, with the help of colonoscopy, which is completely painless and isn’t time-consuming, we would be able to know if there are cancer cells or even developing carcinogens. Furthermore, with the help of colonoscopy, doctors can also clean our digestive systems and improve its condition.



Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the fastest growing diseases today. A lot of people, especially of the younger generation are greatly exposed to the threat of STDs. With more and more people involved in unsafe and unhygienic sex, the transmittal of STDs from one person to another is greatly aggravated. If you are sexually active, then it would help if you read more about STDs and how you can avoid getting them. It is also strongly recommended that you get tested for STDs if you have a very active sex life, especially if you have sex with multiple partners. While STDs are generally treatable, they can still transition to worse forms that will not just affect your wellbeing but also the people around you as well.



Cancer is arguably one of the scariest diseases a person can get. It is one of the leading cause of death among people worldwide. While there is generally no cure for cancer, it can definitely be avoided if it is detected early especially in its growing stages. And if a person already has cancer, its symptoms and effects can still be significantly reduced with the help of doctors and the latest treatments today. Thus, it is very important that you get tested for cancer so you can address it immediately.


Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Diabetes and hypertension are one of the most common health problems today. In fact, the age bracket for people having type 1 diabetes and hypertension have become younger in the past few years. There is now a significant population of people in their 20s that have high blood pressure and is prone to diabetes.


Getting tested for blood pressure and cholesterol can be easily done by visiting your local health center. In fact, you can do it yourself if you want to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol level. You can easily buy testing kits for cholesterol and a blood pressure monitor in most pharmacies and medical stores.


Depression Tests

Taking care of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing is also very important. In today’s tough competition, a lot of people experience heartbreaks and failures that greatly damage their self-esteem and confidence. If you feel lonely and lost, there is no need for you to battle it alone. Get help and quickly get yourself back up by getting help from psychological experts. They are equipped with the most effective treatment and diagnosis for depression.


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