The Watchstrap.Co Launches A Stay Safe Strap To Support The NHS

One of things that has been a positive of the Covid 19 situation has been the way that people have rallied around the NHS. From the Thursday night clap, to the amount of companies that have offered discounts and free items to show their support and solidarity, the brave men and women at the front line of this pandemic have been supported by the British Public. And now, aptly on the day of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, I am sharing with you another way that you can help to raise funds for the NHS, whilst also looking very stylish.

WSC – The have launched a charity Apple Watch Strap to raise money for the Covid-19 Appeal, with all funds being donated to the NHS Covid 19 Urgent Appeal. The strap, the WsC Defiant – #STAYSAFE Edition is a really stylish piece that totally shows your support for the NHS. Like all WsC straps, the Defiant is compatible with all Apple Watch versions (Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) and is crafted from the finest quality leather and lined with soft nubuck.

The watch strap has been inspired by the thousands of beautiful coloured rainbows that both adults and children have been displaying in their windows during the current crisis, and features a rainbow ribbon design on the strap, along with the stay safe message. There is also a free downloadable watch face that you can also add to your watch.

The strap is practical in it’s design, it looks amazing, and it supports a very special and commendable cause that continues to need all the help it can get as we fight this horrendous disease. The strap costs £69 with all profits being donated to the NHS.

Competition Time

You could now win £50 store credit courtesy of WSC – The Watchstrap.Co. Many ways to enter, but this competition is limited to UK only.

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52 thoughts on “The Watchstrap.Co Launches A Stay Safe Strap To Support The NHS

  1. I had an old Timex when I was a nipper with a massive face so I could read it.

  2. Probably something pink and girly but is so many years ago I can’t remember

  3. I’ve got a vague collection. I was quite young. It was colourful, possibly blue

  4. It was a long time ago, but my Dad bought me a Timex watch with a brown leather strap, I remember it well. I felt very grown up wearing it

  5. I remember having a bright green plastic one from when I was little, I think they were called baby g watches.

  6. A tiny one with a red leather strap, which came with a story about telling the time.

  7. To be honest, the first watch I ever had was when I was in my early 20s and was just a simple cheap leather strap and white face, that’s all I can remember!! I may have had one before that, I just don’t remember!

  8. Gosh, that’s a question. You’ve got me thinking but I am pretty sure it was a ghastly plastic thing.

  9. It was a Timex with Micky Mouse and Mickeys arms and hands were the hands of the clock

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  11. The first watch i got was pink with a dog on it when i was a child

  12. Don’t know the make, but I remember half the face was Blue & the other half was red.

  13. My first watch was a pink baby G watch. Thanks so much for chance. Stay safe ❤

  14. yes , i think it was about 1979 and it was a gigital one , LED very flash lol

  15. I can’t remember the exact one (long time ago!), but it was one of the digital ones with a game on it.

  16. It was a bright red watch that you could change the straps on. It had a colourful face.

  17. Mine was a Timex watch that came in a plastic case I thought i was so grown up even though I couldn’t properly tell the time lol

  18. It was a little gold looking thing but this was a very long time ago!

  19. The first watch I ever wore had a red leather strap and Minnie Mouse made up the watch face – her arms were the hands!

  20. I had one of those that was also a tv remote when I was a kid, was endless fun, especially in school when the teacher decided to put on some boring science video. Just used to click standby and watch their perplexed face.

  21. The first watch I ever wore was a Winnie the Pooh watch I loved it and always wore it. It had a brown leather strap with Winnie the Pooh on the front and bees moving around with the hands x

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