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The Waterpik Water Flosser

Tooth and mouth hygiene has moved on a lot in recent times, the days when flossing meant pulling a thin piece of string through the teeth has long since past. These days, the cleverest and most hygienic way to floss is with a Water Flosser, with the Waterpik variety being one of the best on the market.


Waterpik flossers are very simple to use, but promise you healthier gums within 14 days of first using it. They are up to two times more effective than using a string floss, and can also be used even if you are wearing braces, or have crowns, implants or bridges. They also deal with the tongue – an often neglected area of the mouth, and one which can have an effect on the breath.

The flosser is super easy to use, and is quick to set up. You first fill the reservoir with water, this is on the back of the flosser and is easy to remove. You then choose the tip that you require. These include:-

  • The tongue cleaner
  • The orthodontic Tip for braces
  • Plaque seeker tip – for braces, implants and bridges
  • The classic jet tip – for everything


You then just switch it on, deciding on the pressure from two settings. The flosser will then clean the whole mouth due to 360 degree rotation of the tip – this means that even the hard to reach areas get the correct coverage. Food debris that is left in the mouth is instantly and painlessly removed and your mouth feels cleaner and fresher within a couple of minutes. As well as this, the mixture of water pressure and pulsations massages and stimulates the gums, which is why this can help you if you have problems with this are of your mouth. The below the gumline area is another much neglected area of the mouth, but the Waterpik flosser addresses this.




The Waterpik Water Flosser is just a perfect addition to your oral hygiene, one that can be added to your every day routines and will actually has a health advantage as well as just the aesthetically pleasing aspect of a lovely smile.


Don’t forget it is currently  National smile month (16th May – 16th June), this would be a great investment to help you get that Hollywood smile.

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