The Wire Free Revolution With Sugar Candy Bras

For a long time, I have really been envious of those with a smaller bust who are able to wear wire free bras. They also look so much softer and more comfortable to wear all day, every day, but having a larger bust, they have been something I have ignored, feeling I needed far more support than they could offer if I didn’t want boobs by my knees by the time I hit 60. But, as I get older, I feel more and more than wearing wired bras feel like torture, and I can’t wait to get out of them at the end of the day. Could there be a wire free solution for us curvier ladies.

The answer is a brilliant, emphatic Yes! It comes in the form of the products from Sugar Candy, who not only offer wire free bras that still totally support your bust, but also look pretty amazing too. Sugar Candy bras are revolutionary, they are patent wire free bras that are designed to fit, support and nurture the fuller bust. The secret is a unique inner sling designed to lift, support and separate, whilst providing comfort. I have recently been testing driving two of their fabulous products, and can honestly say they have changed my life and I won’t be going back to wires any time soon.

These are bras designed for us girls with bigger boobs who have far exceeded a storm in a ‘c’ cup. The cup sizes go right up to G cups, although the sizing ranges from small to XXl, so you simply have to refer to the simple size guide to find your corresponding size. There are a great range of styles that go from a simple, basic every day bra that will be great under your t-shirts and jumpers, to the posh bra (one of my personal favourites) which combines stretchy, comfortable Softex and satin panels for a lovely luxe look.

What Do I Love About These Bras?

Well, where do I start? They say you should always start from the top, so I am going to wax lyrical about the straps. These are thick, sturdy straps that feel so comfortable to wear, and also offer that extra bit of support. They are easy to adjust, so you can avoid the irritating feeling when you straps keep dropping down.

Next up are the hook and eye fastenings. The bras fasten securely with four hook and eye fastenings, but there are the option of six settings, so you should have no problem wearing your bra both securely, but also comfortably, with the fastenings not being too tight, which is not only uncomfortable, but can lead to back fat issues making your bra look tight and unflattering.

Those little details

It has to be said that generally, bras for larger busts can be a little bit basic, and non too pretty, but I love the bras from Sugar Candy for the little details that make them look so special. The Lux bra is a case in point. (the black bra photographed above.) The styling is ultra modern with the ‘uplift tech’, but adding the super pretty lace elements on the cups and the back fastening makes this really pretty, and very sexy too.

This is the perfect bra, one that you could easily wear under a t-shirt, but would work just as well when worn under your favourite, slinkiest, little black dress.

If you require support from your bra, but really want to ditch the wire, then you really need to check out the bras from Sugar Candy, they will actually change your life, you won’t look back.

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