The Woes Of Suffering From Migraine

I have suffered from migraine headaches since my mid 20s. I started to get them during a particularly stressful time in my job at that time, but they have never really left, and although I suffer with them a lot less now, when they come, they totally blight my life. I can find myself having to stop in a cool, dark room, having to avoid any outside noise and literally unable to do anything. My face can feel like it has been paralysed and I struggle to open my eyes. I feel sick and clammy, and if it is a particularly bad migraine, I can feel like this for up to two days. I feel thankful that these are now relatively rare – a couple of times a year, but believe me, when I get them, I really suffer.

Migraine is a blight for many people who suffer like this, and can even lead to people having to go to hospital. The NHS say

It’s not entirely clear what causes migraines. They’re known to be triggered by periods, stress, tiredness and certain foods or drinks.

 You may be able to reduce your migraines by avoiding things that tend to cause them. Eating and sleeping well and regular exercise can also help.

 Some people have signs that they are going to get a migraine, and can therefore take pain relief before the event to lessen the effect of the headache. But for many people, including myself, the migraine just appears with no real warning, and then I find most of the counter pain relief doesn’t work, hence the dark room and taking full fat Coca Cola, which actually takes the edge off for me.

 One way to alleviate the pain is through the use of the Paingone Qualm. Paingone is a company that for the last twenty years has been helping people who regularly suffer from clinical pain without the use of drugs and medicines. They target the pain through the use of pain relief tools that can be applied to the affected area and are actually very effective, particularly for those like me who get little or no relief from traditional medication.

 The Qalm can be used for all kinds of migraines and other stress and tension headaches. It is simple to use, you simply stick it onto your forehead, and it then uses a specific output and frequency to stimulate the trigeminal nerve. You use it for around 20 minutes and it is rechargeable, so you can use it again and again. There are also settings where you can use the machine to try to make your migraines less frequent.

 There is no doubt that for people who suffer from migraines they are a real, terrible problem that causes much pain and suffering. Hopefully research from The Migraine Trust, and that looking into medicines that target the protein Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) will lead to big advances in the treatment.

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