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There’s No Treat Like A Sweet Treat!

When it comes to a gift idea that suits all ages, all sexes and is totally designed to put a smile on any face, then anything involving sweets and chocolates is usually a safe (and rather delicious) choice. But making this into something that looks attractive too, so that it totally fits the bill as a coveted present, is not so easy. The great news is that there are some brilliant, independent companies out there that make beautiful sweetie gifts into an art form.

The Sweet Boutique Emporium

The Sweet Boutique Emporium has come upon an ingenious way to present candy and chocolate treats in a beautiful way. Quite simply, they imagine that they are actually flowers, and that, like fragranced blooms, they need to be presented as a stunning bouquet. The Sweet Boutique describe themselves as the bouquet experts, and explain that they are:

Offering a wide range of different styles and featuring a mix of some of our favourite chocolate bars and sweet brands, each beautiful bouquet is crafted by hand right here in the UK by our team of experts.

I can think of so many people who would love a sweet or chocolate bouquet, or one that is actually a mixture of the two. It would certainly work as a centrepiece for a children’s birthday party, where each guest could help themselves to a couple of the bars or chews, whilst it would work in a similar way on a wedding treats table ( I recently attended a wedding where pick ‘n’ mix was a feature, so this would definitely work.), This could be a lovely ‘get well soon’ gift, or even just the ideal gift for anyone you know who has a sweet tooth.

The bouquets definitely have the wow factor, so receiving one of these through the post would certainly fit the bill of the sweetest treat you could receive.

The Sweet Hamper Company

The Sweet Hamper Company is a must visit for those of you for whom the thought of sweets and chocolates conjure up a real nostalgia. Their sweet hampers and also sweet boxed selections are made up of loads of school day favourites, held in retro candy striped paper bags. Sweet eggs – oh yes! Giant Cola Bottles – don’t mind if I do! Sherbet Lemons – My favourite! This is total sweet heaven, with a little chocolate heaven thrown in too.

The Sweet Hamper Company say:

From traditional bags of pick ‘n’ mix, including cola cubes, strawberries, sherbet lemons and jelly babies, through to taste bud tingling goodies like Wham and Stinger bars, our sweet boxes contain something for everyone – including the big kids! Available in large or small sizes, the Sweet Hamper Company’s sweet boxes are bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. Sweet treats for every occasion!

I love the fact that you can choose between a box that you could then recycle, or a vintage looking straw picnic basket that could then be used again and again making it a sustainable choice too, as well as an attractive looking gift that would be perfect for pretty much any recipient.

With Father’s Day this Sunday, all those June and July birthdays coming up, and I won’t mention the ‘C’ word just yet, but yes, looking towards that as well as we reach the middle of the year, both of these fabulous companies are creating brilliant gift ideas that could be just what you are looking for for that hard to buy for loved one.


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  • Kim Carberry

    I have bought sweet and chocolate bouquets for people in the past and they have always gone down so well. I do love the retro sweets, they’re a bit of fun. Rainbow Drops are my favourites. x

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