Things to Consider Before Getting into Horse Riding

There isn’t much to match the freedom and exhilaration you feel when out riding a horse, the experience is particularly unique. For owners however, what comes with that experience is a lot of hard work and considerable expense and it is with this in mind that here we seek to offer some tips on things to consider before getting into horse riding.

Choosing a Horse

Before getting into horse riding and certainly before buying a horse there are several factors to consider and first is the kind of horse that will suit you. For example, inexperienced riders or those who don’t have lots of time to look after a horse may be best advised to buy an older horse as they need less exercise and are more likely to have a cool temperament.

Other tips include taking an experienced horse person with you when looking to buy, checking the animal’s ID and having it looked at by a vet.

The Costs

The cost of buying a horse varies greatly, in fact you can often get one for free, but at the top end of the scale you can pay millions – what is easier to quantify is the cost of keeping a horse.

The average cost of full livery is somewhere in the region of £500 per month, but of course if you keep your horse at home then the price of looking after it will be much less. In addition to this, there are the one-off costs such as saddles, tack, riding protection, clothing and boots.

Having made some calculations, you will soon realise that owning a horse is not cheap, but looking out for promotions such as end of season or Black Friday sales can help a lot.

Consider the Commitment

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is that of commitment. The best experiences come from a scenario where the horse and owner have a great bond and this can only be achieved by taking the time to look after the animal yourself and ride it regularly.

It may sound obvious, but without this long term commitment, you may have the horse for some 30 years, it might be worthwhile reconsidering your plans – you could always attend a riding school instead, then reconsider further down the line.

If, however, you are sure you can afford a horse and are fully committed, you can look forward to a rewarding relationship, better health and some amazing experiences.

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