Think Pink: A Marks And Spencer Focus

Today I went out to do a bit of shopping for the first time since Christmas. There are still some sales going on, but many shops do have a few new season lines in, one of those being Marks and Spencer. Mark’s is one of my fave shops for so many things – knitwear, basics, coats, and, of course undies. This month there seems to be a very definite theme in the Marks output, with that theme being something that fans of the film Funny Face would fully embrace. Yes, when it comes to style, Marks and Spencer seem to be telling you to ‘Think Pink!’

There is a lot of pink on show in their January ranges, which is good, as pink is a wonderful vibrant colour when it comes to dark, cold days. Pink is everywhere, from the brilliant loungewear and casual pieces that they have done so well this year, to coats of all varieties – Puffa style, teddy coats and classic cuts. My eye was caught by the most adorable pair of pink loafers, in a beautiful baby shade, and by Grease style ankle grazing trousers in a glorious hot pink, perfect to team with some black cashmere maybe.

The shades of pink are varied, from a shell pink used on a waterproof jacket, to the baby pink of the teddy coat (absolutely adorable – but do I really need another coat…don’t answer that!). Hot and shocking pink are also represented, and, if you prefer a pattern rather than a block colour, there are stars, stripes and a bit of classic animal print that is totally pimped (or pinked) up by the addition of some hot pink.

M&S are renowned for their classic knitwear pieces which are always decently priced and wash just wonderfully. This season, they, of course, are in pink, and the cardigans in particular, are fabulous.

If you are a little scared of wearing block pink, or using pink as your main colour, you could always opt for pink as an accessory – a pop of colour that would enhance any outfit.

To view all M&S ‘pink’, click here.

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