Timothee and Harry – The New Men’s Jewellery Idols

Men’s jewellery is always a tricky one. For some men, a wedding ring and a watch is as far as it goes. For others, a pendent like a cross or a St Christopher is there focal point. Some like a Sovereign ring, which has always been considered ‘manly’, whilst some indie types opt for leather style bracelets and necklaces.

In general, when it comes to men’s jewellery idols, we have had the hip hop stars like ASAP Rocky and, back in the day, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, or those who love hip hop imagery like David Beckham. These have been fans of the sort of iced out pendents that jewellery experts Helloice excel in, large pieces that are often gemstone encrusted – real status symbols and statement pieces.

Hip Hop Styling from Helloice

New Idols

Even though hip hop styling is still a popular jewellery trend, we do have some new jewellery icons on the bloke, ones whose style and taste is more sexually fluid and ambigious. Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet are both modern day style icons whose clothes, hair, jewellery and use of make up takes up lots of column inches in both male and female aimed media.

For Harry we are almost harking back to the early days of the 1970s, and David Bowie, with bright colours, silk fabrics, gender questioning looks that can include dresses and skirts, along with wide open shirts, jackets worn with no shirts beneath, and lots and lots of jewellery that scans a line between masculine and feminine.

Harry is an enigma, in that he will revert to the chunky, hip hop style knuckleduster rings on his fingers, but will then opt for what could be classed as chains for women – single strings of pearls, delicate lengths of silver link chains, even necklaces that make up words.

Tomothee Chalamet Jewellery Style

Hot young actor Timothee Chalamet is a bona fide style star, cemented further this week at the Venice Film Festival when he wore a backless top/shirt and literally stole all the front pages from the usual scantily dressed starlets. He is also known for his love of jewellery, very rarely wearing an outfit without some sort of adornment.

Timothee’s jewellery of choice are men’s chains in a variety of metals, with and without pendents. He wears these casually with a t-shirt, or more formally at events like the Met Gala and film premieres.

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