Tips for Buying Clothes for Your Husband

Let’s be honest. Most of us know what our husband should be wearing better than he does. Anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations are an opportunity to give him a gift that is both thoughtful and practical. Science has shown that the way we dress affects the way others think of us and also the way we think of ourselves. He might say he doesn’t need new clothes, but you’ll notice the change in his confidence and mood with well-chosen clothes that fit his body and lifestyle.

Shopping for men isn’t the same as shopping for women, though. If you are new to shopping for a man, there’s going to be a learning curve. You will want to find clothes that fit your budget, that you like the look of, and that he will actually wear. Nothing is worse than finding that perfect piece of clothing for him and then never seeing him wear it! Let’s take a look at five ways to make sure the present you choose is just right.

What does he like?

This might seem simple, but lots of men have an idea of what they really like even if they don’t wear those types of clothes. You might notice he has a favorite shirt; ask him why he likes it. Is it how it fits or feels against his skin? Once you have some intel, start finding cool shirts for men online. There are lots of options to choose from and you can narrow them down to those that fit his preferences.

What looks good on him?

We all have pieces of clothing that we love even though they don’t bring out the best in our form. Luckily, there is always an area of overlap between what we love and what looks good on us. Help your husband find that overlap! Does he love comfy sweaters? Buy him one made from a high-quality fabric in a color that is in this season.

A body reality check

Few of us have the bodies we had ten or 20 years ago. Is your husband still dressing like he did in college? For better or worse, our bodies change. If your spouse is looking disheveled in his wardrobe, it might be because he is wearing things that fit his body and style from a decade ago. Buying him fashionable clothes that fit is a loving way to help him adjust to the new reality.

What do you want?

Ok, so this part is important, too. After all, it’s you that has to look at him! Find that overlap between what he likes and feels good in and what you like to look at. Do you like him looking a little sporty? Or maybe you’re into a more sophisticated look? It’s not a bad thing that you want him to look good to you. Just make sure you are compromising between both your desires and not prioritizing your tastes!

Quality over quantity

If his mom still sends him a pack of white socks every Christmas, that’s fine. You don’t have to follow her lead, though. Rather than buying him five t-shirts, consider one well-made dress shirt. He’ll notice the difference in feel and durability. Plus, it elevates your gift-giving from the practical to the thoughtful

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