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Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining your Summer House


If you are fortunate enough to own a summer house, there are certain tasks that must be carried out in the spring, as the cold winter disappears and you look forward to a lovely long summer in your summer house. Like any structure, a summer house needs to be well-maintained and kept clean, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips to ensure that your summer house is ready for the coming summer.


  • Apply Timber Preservative – Your summer house should be constructed using seasoned timber, which does require some preservation, and prior to adding a couple of coats of varnish, you might want to apply a coat of stain, which will restore the timber to its original look. Make sure you brush the timber first with a soft brush, which will remove dirt and dust that has built up over the winter months. If you do not yet have a summer house, there are online companies with a wide range of summer houses for sale, and make sure you buy from an established company, and one that offers a lengthy warranty.


  • Wash the Windows – The exterior surface of the windows will no doubt be very dirty and the best way to clean them is with soapy water, a sponge, and a window cleaner’s squeegee. The sponge will help to remove stubborn marks like bird excrement, and the squeegee makes light work of finishing up. The inside can also be cleaned with glass cleaner and some dry rags, leaving your windows spotlessly clean to give you a wonderful view.


  • Remove and Clean Insect Screens – Almost all summer houses will have insect screens, which are usually removable and the best way to clean them is with soapy water and a hand brush. Brush both sides of the mesh and then use a pressured water spray to remove the dirt, grime and excess soap. If you are thinking of adding insect screens, there is an article online that looks at the many benefits that fly screens bring.


  • Air Conditioning – If your summer house has an A/C unit, the filters should be thoroughly cleaned and the coolant level should also be checked, and if you are either unable – or unwilling to tackle this, your local service engineer would be happy to carry out the maintenance for you. He could do this when he services the main A/C in the house, which should also be serviced prior to summer.


  • Thorough Roof Inspection – This should be done as a matter of course and the guttering should be cleaned out, as it will likely be full of wet leaves and small twigs, which causes a blockage, and a heavy downpour will have water cascading down the exterior walls, something you want to avoid. More info on the implications of this can be found online, or there are always firms such as Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Pittsburgh, who can also provide more info. Any missing roof tiles should be replaced, or if your roof is of felt covering, make sure there are no rips or tears, and any nails that are protruding should be hammered home.


Your summer house will give you many years of enjoyment, providing it is well-maintained, and if you have yet to add a summer house to your garden, now is the perfect time to start looking, as the summer house can be in position and ready for use when the summer finally arrives.

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