Tips for Improving Your Wellbeing

In the increasingly fraught and frantic times we live in, sometimes it feels like there is no time for ‘me’. If you are a parent, this is even more true. Our thoughts are, first and foremost, on our family, our finances, our work commitments, the general world we live in, and we are somewhere in the middle of all this. Relaxing, mindfulness and ‘me time’ can all seem like alien terms that have little meaning in our busy lives, but they are important, especially if you are feeling stressed and ‘bogged down’. Here are a few things that you can do to redress that work-life-family balance, and help you manage stress better.

Make some time for you

Whether it be 30 minutes reading a book, or a soak in the bath without the whole family traipsing through the bathroom, sometimes you have to be firm and lock that door. A relaxing bath is one very good way to unwind, but not when you have a little one sitting on the toilet seat the whole time. Make sure the bathroom door locks, add some candles for further relaxation, and just close your eyes and let your mind wander a little. 30 minutes – surely you deserve that?

Remember who you are

You are not just a mom or dad, you are a person in your own right, one with potential and personality, but sometimes it seems easy to forget this. is a site that gives you information about your name and your birth date with a free numerology report. I love what they say about people:-

At the moment you were born, your limitless potential was encoded in your destiny.

This is so true, when you are feeling down, it is a good thing to remember,.

I close my eyes and count to ten

This is not just a fantastic Dusty Springfield song, but something that we need to do when we feel like we might just explode. It is very easy to lose it when you are feeling stressed, but generally, feeling better after a meltdown only lasts momentarily. It is often better to take yourself outside of a situation, or to count to ten and breathe, rather than losing your temper in a way that you will later regret, and is clearly no good for your blood pressure. Using breathing exercises may also work well in these situations.

Take a walk

Fresh air is something we can have for free and can help you to clear your head and feel re-invigorated. There are times when the household environment can feel stiffling and claustrophobic, especially if you are a stay at home mom or dad, or if you work from home. Grab your coat (and dog if you have one) and get out into the great outdoors, it will clear those cobwebs and help you feel a lot better.


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