Tips To Keep Your Makeup Fresh In Winter

Winter can be a wonderland: fluffy white snowflakes fall, glittering from the sky. You sit sipping delicious hot drinks behind frosted cafe windows. Your cheeks are always an adorable, flushed pink. Winter, however, can also be problematic for your skin and makeup skills. Those fluffy white snowflakes can melt on your perfectly painted face, the sudden change in temperature from freezing outside to boiling inside can cause dry, flaky skin, and those flushed red cheeks can become inflamed and sensitive. Keeping your face looking healthy and knowing how to apply makeup or which products to use in the winter is a delicate balance. We’ve got all the info that you need to get it right every time, so read on for the details.

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Use A Hydrating Face Mask

The first step in your journey to getting your face makeup done perfectly every time is to use a hydrating face mask on a regular basis – once a week should do. It may not be actual makeup, but you can’t hope to get that flawless look unless you have a smooth surface to put it on! Hydration is something your winter skin desperately needs since the cold air takes such a toll on your delicate, often sensitive face. Push as much moisture into your skin as possible so that your makeup glides on and stays smooth.

Use Waterproof Mascara

Remember that delightful, fluffy, falling snow we mentioned? Well, snow is ice, and ice melts when it lands on something at a warmer temperature than below freezing. That means that when those lovely snowflakes land on your lashes, the mascara you so carefully applied will begin to melt all over your cheeks and give you panda eyes. The extreme cold of winter also makes your eyes water, which they do automatically to keep themselves moisturized. This watering can overflow like tears and give you streaky mascara marks. Waterproof mascara will solve this problem nicely! Apply it one layer at a time, letting it dry for a full two minutes between layers to avoid caking and flaking.

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Use A Creamy Liquid Foundation

Whatever you use during the summer, reach for a moisturizing liquid foundation in the wintertime. Not only will a foundation like this offer you a satin smooth canvas to work on, as it camouflages hyperpigmentation and redness, but it will also keep your skin from looking dry. Using a mousse or powder foundation or the option to use no foundation at all will leave you cakey and crinkly or dried out and chalky, so choose something rich and smooth. Apply your foundation with your fingers or a brush, and then blend it and pat it into your skin with a beauty blender for a seamless finish and a perfect-looking complexion.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

This goes for your face and your lips. Exfoliating in winter is a delicate balance: we recommend that you choose a chemical exfoliator, like a light peel for your face, to slough off dead skin cells and dirt without tearing your delicate skin. On your lips, choose a small grain sugar scrub for a smooth pout. As soon as you’ve exfoliated, moisturize with a heavier cream and balm than you would use in the summertime. The best time to exfoliate and apply a heavy moisturizer is before you get into bed. Your face will be safe from cold weather, and your skin will have time to soak up all that delicious moisture while you sleep.

Use A Glowy Highlighter

Winter skin can often tend to look a bit dull. If you’re following our advice in the previous points, you’ll already be doing everything you can to minimize this. That said, using a soft, glowing highlighter will create the illusion of summer skin in the middle of winter. Pop your highlighter on the tip and bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones, and on your cupid’s bow for a natural glow. Don’t go overboard – just dab on enough for a natural, light-catching shine.

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Use An Illuminating Primer

For much the same reasons as we recommend using a soft, glowy highlighter, you need to switch to an illuminating primer during the winter months. That tiny little bit of added shimmer will give you that “glow from within” that women all over the world swoon over. It also gives your tired winter skin a little boost. Primer is an essential step in the makeup process (after moisturizer, before SPF and foundation) at all times of the year, but particularly when the weather is harsh and unforgiving.

Moisturize Some More

We cannot overstate how much moisture your skin is dying to soak up in the winter. Use products that contain ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and shea butter for the best hydrating and moisturizing results.

Wrap Up

There’s no need to change up everything about your makeup routine when winter hits; just add a few extra things in here and there, and your skin will be ready to take on the cold. Our advice will keep your makeup looking fresh until spring comes around again.

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