Tips When Looking for the Right Men’s Polo Shirts

Donning the right shirt may be hard for someone who isn’t engrossed in the fashion world. When it comes to significant events and special occasions, arming yourself with top of the line men’s polo shirts can give you a right look.  

Choosing the right polo shirt is one problem most men experience. Shopping in retail stores can be tiring and browsing through a website’s line can be time-consuming and head spinning.

To narrow down on your choices, expert guidance from professional fashion connoisseurs and influencers is needed. Here are some tips to help you shorten your search for the ultimate polo shirt you need.

Narrow Down Your Search Based on a Specific Criteria

Men generally see shirts as a plain and simple wardrobe addition. But the thing is polo shirts can be made from different materials, design, and other eccentricities that make searching more difficult. So, understanding your preferences and what you need will help shorten your time when searching. 

  • Material. One crucial factor when choosing the right men’s polo shirt is to look at the article. There are men’s polo shirts that are made from natural fibre and selections made from synthetic material. Cotton is a natural material, while polyester is a synthetic fibre. 
  • Fit. Of the three factors to consider, the fit is one thing that should be on top of your mind. Having the perfect fit based on length, sleeves, and width will give you a right look and accentuate your body shape.  
  • Knit. Though this factor is not visibly apparent, men’s polo shirts contribute to the look you want to achieve. Piqued patterns texturize the surface of the material while jersey knits are smooth and stretchy.  

Figuring Your Style

Most of the considerations when choosing the right polo shirt come with its style and colour. And this often falls on your personal preference and style. Each man has a choice for colour and style. 

For example, most men opt for dark hues and subtle colours while some opt for bright and forward hues. Style is also one significant factor when choosing men’s polo shirts because some can opt for floral prints while others do not find them attractive. 

Your style will always be reflective on the types of shirt you purchase regardless if it’s for a formal event or casual gathering. Always remember when buying a polo shirt that a perfect fit should not be constricting. It should sit close to your body but not skin tight.

Things You Are Doing Wrong When Wearing a Polo Shirt

Looking and feeling good with a polo shirt is what you want to achieve with your getup, so avoid doing these standard practices when wearing one:

  • Do not wear undershirts when wearing a polo shirt.
  • Try to avoid wearing men’s polo shirts with huge logos.
  • Do not pop up the collars. 
  • Never wear a long-sleeved polo shirt. 
  • Do not button the shirt up.
  • Choose a polo shirt without a pocket

Wearing a men’s polo shirt will give you a neat masculine look when worn properly. They are great clothing pieces that can be used anywhere and whatever the event. But when you’re buying men’s polo shirts, it would be better to make the purchase from a reputable store.

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