Top 10 Divorce Vacation Packages After A Breakup

Breakup drains out your life energy and enthusiasm, so there is no wonder a divorcee has no idea how to start over. In most cases, you need a break. To recharge, find inspiration, and gather powers. You need a qualitative divorce vacation. 

Check out what a good divorce vacation package includes and review the top proposals to pick out the best suitable one and get your deserved rest after divorce.  

What Top Divorce Vacation Packages Should Include

After filing for divorce in New Hampshire, it is not enough to simply travel somewhere, but your post-divorce trip should contain the points that will help you reinvent yourself and regain inner stability. This way, you will manage to move on to a better life. Here are some ideas for your divorce vacation package:

Gifts for Divorcee

Being busy caring about divorce and related issues, a divorcee usually has no time and possibility to care about themself. So, it is excellent when a package tour includes small gifts for a recently divorced. Self-care or beauty products, delicious treats, divorce survival funny kits, and similar things only add a positive atmosphere to the trip.   

Room Upgrades

Even if you go on a tour with your friends, you will get a customized room as a divorcee. Minor room upgrades, such as inspirational cards or posters, free bottles of wine, sweets, self-care products, and so on, will make you feel special, but not an abandoned and worse one. 

Extra Alcohol

Any alcohol won’t be extra when you are on your post-divorce vacation. More when you are celebrating your new free life with your friends or enjoying it on your own. Extra wine bottle in your room, complimentary glass of champagne to your breakfast in bed, a couple of free cocktails at night bar.

Relaxation Possibilities

When you choose where to go after divorce, pay attention to the relaxation type you prefer. Beach holidays, mountain hiking, spa sessions, adventure tours. Choose what rest will suit you best and opt for a respective vacation to recover after divorce without hurdles. 

Friends’ vs. Sole Resort Options

There are special tours that are either oriented at a party time to celebrate the end of the marriage together with your support team or to be by yourself, relax and find your inner peace among stunning views and relaxing conditions. Choose what is better for your case. 

Farewell to the Past

Every post-divorce vacation should include a farewell ceremony to your past so that you can welcome the future. Burning old staff, burying your wedding ring in a small coffin, flying customized lanterns, any idea included and organized by the tour is a great divorce rehab option. 

Customized Cake

Another good idea for your divorce vacation package is a small feast or party that ends up with a theme cake. The same way you have cut your wedding cake with your ex, you will do with your divorce cake with your friends or even on your own to celebrate your new life and appreciate a support group you have.


To memorize a great time with your friends or even on your own, it is beneficial when your divorce vacation includes a photoshoot. These memories will inspire and warm your heart for a long time afterward. 

Top 10 Divorce Vacations

Apart from the inspiring points, you should add to your trip; it is vital to select only the best places to travel after a divorce. And here are some of them:

  • Singapore

Bright culture blooming in a safe and clean space is a perfect place to travel after divorce. A range of boutiques and restaurants, royal hotels and spa zones, and exotic nature will be perfect for your recovery.

  • China

China is the perfect place for people who really want to immerse themselves in beauty and culture. Beijing, the Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square are all must visits, as is the Great Wall, which may, or may not be the only part of the world visible from space. If you want to access your internet whilst you are there, check out the best vpn for china before you leave,  so you can keep up to date with your social media, and share all those holiday snaps.

  • Berlin

Enjoy the privileges of youth and freedom again. Pool parties, all kinds of clubs and pubs, amazing nightlife, modern art meetings are nowhere brighter than in the heart of Germany. 

  • Piedmont

Dive into the Italian heaven of wine and cheese in Piedmont. Stay in castle-like old hotels, watch the wine and cheese-making processes at all stages, and satisfy your gastro and inner desires with no remorse. 

  • Dunton

Dunton, CO, offers one of the most relaxing divorce vacation packages across the country. Dunton hot springs, old bathhouses, wooden cabins, picturesque nature, what more do you need to heal your body and soul?

  • Tibet

If you are looking for a spiritual and natural rehab tour after divorce, Tibet is the best place for you to visit. The entirely different cultures and mindsets of locals will help you reassess your life and priorities. At the same time, stunning views and fresh air will help your body heal quickly.  

  • Bahamas

You can easily find a divorce package tour to the Bahamas with a range of different proposals. Spa days, snorkeling classes, cozy bungalows at the beach. It seems to be one of the best places to recover after divorce. 

  • New Orleans

This is a place where you will never get bored. Jazz parties and festivals, thematic accommodations, exquisite alcohol, and non-stop vintage entertainment.

  • India

India is not only a place of all kinds of tastes, smells, sounds, and views to enjoy. You can also enrich your inner self by either meditation or experiencing local spiritual practices. Or you can participate in volunteering programs and live in a distant place in India to help other people, the whole planet, and yourself at the same time. 

  • Amazon

If you are an adventure seeker, you can join a group of the same people on tour along the Amazon River. The perk is that you will be amazed by the natural wonders there and never feel lonely with other participants of divorce vacation. 

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