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Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends For Summer

Whether you’re traditional or follow the trends, it’s always interesting to see what’s hot in the jewellery world right now and whether these ‘trends’ will conjure up some unique inspiration for your dream ring! Today we have help from Lily Arkwright, the specialists in moissanite & lab grown diamond engagement rings. They create beautiful engagement rings and other

fine jewellery and are purveyors of ethical & sustainable pieces – created for you, to last a lifetime. 

Trend 1: Lab Grown Diamonds 

There has certainly been a lot of coverage in recent years, not only in social media publications but in the celebrity world too. Lab grown diamond rings have shown that they are here to stay, increasing in popularity over the last decade due to the ethical and sustainable status of these gems. You might be wondering what exactly are lab diamonds? 

Lab diamonds are as real as diamonds get! They are exactly the same as mined diamonds in every way, the only difference being that one is formed deep within the earth’s crust and the other is grown above ground, quite literally grown in a laboratory. Rather than the millions of years it takes for traditional diamonds to be formed under the intense heat and pressure of the earth, lab diamonds can be formed with cutting edge technology that replicates this naturally occurring process within a matter of 3 months. Each diamond developed in the lab is unique with a different growth pattern, creating stunning gemstones that are individual to every wearer. 

There is no significant difference between diamonds grown in the lab and those of the naturally mined sort and it is only an expert jeweller using specialist equipment that would be able to tell between the two. Lab diamonds have the exact same chemical composition, with the only noticeable difference being the price tag. Lab diamonds cost around 30% less than mined diamonds, making them an amazing option for couples who want an alternative to the traditional mined diamond engagement ring. 

We are predicting that lab diamonds are not just a trend but staple that’s here to stay!

Trend 2: Oval Stones and fancy cuts 

It’s common knowledge that the most popular engagement ring style is the simple solitaire setting with the round cut centre stone but in recent months people seem to be thinking outside of the box when it comes to diamond cuts. More people are opting for fancier cuts that make for unique designs with the oval cut proving to be the most popular. This is a trend that you can find in both new and used engagement rings.

An oval centre stone is the perfect balance between tradition and modern. If you have stepped foot on Instagram in the past year will know that super big oval rings have been taking the engagement ring world by storm and all for the best reasons! From the likes of Hailey Beiber to Kourtney Kardashian, who have both been seen loving an oval cut ring. If you’re seeking a similar style for the fraction of the price, opting for a moissanite centre stone is an amazing option. 

Overall, oval cut rings are an amazing option as the oval is timeless, classic and flattering on pretty much everyone. 

Trend 3: Pops of colour 

If you’re after a ring that is full of character and totally unique, a lab-grown coloured gemstone ring could be perfect for you. Some people just adore colour and don’t want to wear a white stone for the rest of their life. The top benefit of opting for a coloured gemstone ring is the incredible versatility that gemstones have to offer. The gemstones can be mixed and matched with lab-diamonds, moissanite or other vibrant coloured gems. 

Lab grown coloured gemstones means that the ring can be available in a variety of shapes that are almost impossible to find in naturally mined gemstones. Chatham’s are the leading

architects in the lab-grown gemstone world and Lily Arkwright’s are proud partners. They ensure all gemstones are ethically produced and all gemstones are rich in colour and cut, providing that very special vibrant sparkle. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for a unique yet ethically sourced engagement ring, a lab grown ring might be a perfect option for you! To gain some more guidance to choosing the right ring for you, feel free to get in touch with the expert jewellery consultants at Lily Arkwright for more information about coloured gemstones and lab grown jewellery. Why not drop their expert team an email as they are always there to help guide you through the process!

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