Top 5 Bathroom Accessories Of 2021

Often when we look for accessories to spruce up our homes, we go for fresh kitchen utensils, new pots and pans, new bed sheets, a new cushion set for the living room. Very rarely however, would you go out of your way to look for accessories that either offer a practical solution or a decorative improvement to your bathroom experience. This is despite your bathroom being a room you use frequently and for various purposes.

Well, here are five fantastic yet simple accessories for your bathroom that offer either a practical or design use to breath new life into your wonderful washrooms.

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Consider these accessories if you’re going down the design route…

  1. Ikea Artificial Plant

Something as simple as adding a plant to your bathroom for a bit of greenery can give your bathroom a lively and fresh look, artificial or not. There is something about plants that automatically give a room some life even if they don’t actually have it themselves in this case…

You can find the link to the various plants that Ikea offer here. The best thing about it is that it is artificial so there is no danger of it dying, especially with the heat of the shower. You also don’t ever need to worry about caring for it, or any soil ever getting on the tiles.

  1. Outlet Shelf – A Space-Saving Solution for Anything Up to 10lbs

A shelf over a plug? Quite simply, yes. This may seem pointless on the face of it but when you factor in how many people now have smart speaker accessories across their home, it seems like a really simple way to keep them off the regularly wet floor, avoiding any wires trailing across the room, keeping them near the power source and just giving the speaker a place it can broadcast your favourite tunes from obstacle-free.

  1. Metal Tube Wringer

Often find yourself bending the toothpaste roll into shapes you never knew existed just to get a pea-sized lump onto your tooth brush? Well, for the small price of £10, you can remove that annoyance from your morning or evening routine.

The metal tube wringer can help you get every last drop of toothpaste or any other tube contained cream out to stop you wasting any, reduce the risk of muscle related injuries bending the tube into all shapes and sizes whilst also helping the environment!

4.Reusable cotton buds 

Another product that helps reduce waste, save you money and help the environment is the reusable cotton bud. Such a simple yet rarely used product, reusable cotton bud can mean you can clean your ears without going through two or three (or more) from the tub. With the tubs often being made of plastic too, you often find you get through them quite quickly, making this a must have product for your 21st century bathroom!

  1. Sheep toilet roll holder

Struggling to find a place in the bathroom to hide away spare toilet rolls? Need storage for other things? Well, how about proudly displaying them instead! This fantastic sheep toilet roll holder will encourage you to keep this toilet roll holder filled up. Beyond normalising keeping toilet rolls out in the open, it also acts as a talking point for dinner guests… something I bet you thought a toilet roll holder could never be!


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