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Top cars to rent this summer

This summer, why not drive the car of your dreams by renting from companies in the UK. With dealerships such as Sixt and PSD, it’s no longer a dream to drive the car you’ve always wanted. Below are some of the best cars to rent this month. These rentals range in price, but if you’re looking to rent for the weekend, any option below would be ideal for you. You may be renting for your holidays, for a road trip, or after selling your own car.

Fiat 500


The Fiat 500, especially with its top specs and convertible option, is perfect for driving around the UK as though you’re on the winding countryside’s of Italy (without the hefty price tag). The model is perfect if you’re a couple looking for a getaway, and with beautifully finished interiors and a Bluetooth phone connection, this could make the perfect vehicle for a weekend away.

The light steering with this model is great for city driving, and can breeze along the countryside incredibly well.

The capacity if this car will fit four people comfortably with a room to fit 5, and comprises of a boot that can fit around two suitcases (at a push).

Mini Convertible

If you’re a sun seeker with a style that shouts, then the Mini Convertible is the one for you. Available in a range of colours, the mini is a classic car, and in newer models you can find some amazing specs inside the car itself.

On the road, the steering for the Mini is quite light, which makes it perfect for both city and countryside driving.

Unlike the Fiat 500, the Mini Convertible has an abundance of space, and as it’s low to the ground, you’ll feel as though you’re cruising around in a nimble sports car.

Audi TT Roadster Convertible

The Audi TT is a stable roadster which also comes without the convertible option. The sturdy build of this design will make you feel right at home when driving on motorways. Despite the compact design (the roadster only has two seats), this model is a luxury. Inside you can expect to find some amazing high tech gadgets such as Sat Nav and wireless speakers for you to connect your phone to.

The roadster has a firm suspension, and comes in a range of petrol engines. This makes it the perfect summer car to rent this summer. However, it could set you back a pretty penny.

Fiat 124 Spider convertible

Another Fiat to make the list, the Fiat 124 spider is very much a more up to date Mazda MX-5. The cars share a lot of the same aspects, including their vintage look and solid drive. This car only comes in one sized petrol engine, the 1.4 litre, making it easy to snap a cheap rental as.

The power is nowhere near the standards of a Porsche, but you can definitely expect some longing looks in your direction with this amazing little convertible. However, if it is power you’re after, you could still grab a bargain in the shape of the Mazda MX-5, which has a larger range of petrol engines.

Guest Post by Gina Kay Daniel




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