Top Tips for Building a Winter Wardrobe

Well, the Summer was hot and memorable, but it now seems like a distant memory. Winter is definitely on its way. This week we will see the clocks go back (not looking forward to those early dark nights at all) and we are also in for the first cold snap of the season, with some places promised, some, (whispers it), snow for Halloween.

With Winter on its way, now is definitely a good time to examine the wardrobe, cull the unworn or threadbare, and look for the updates that will give your clothes a 2018 feel.

Here are some tips for building your winter wardrobe.

Sort and cull what you already have

You need to be quite brutal when you sort your wardrobe. If it hasn’t been worn for more than two years, it needs to go. If you simply don’t like it anymore, get rid. If you’ve had it forever and it still has the tags on it, you will probably never wear it. All this good stuff can be donated to charity shops who can sell it on. Even your more threadbare old and worn stuff can be donated as charity shops get money for rag so it is much better than just throwing it away.

Sort your children’s stuff too. Very worn stuff can be ragged, but more expensive pieces may not have the wear of adult clothes so could be sold on through eBay or Facebook. Clothes like Kids designerwear from Strawberry Children is great for kids, especially in terms of fit and style, and when they need new it can be passed down to younger children as the quality is much better than the high street, meaning you probably won’t have to sort their wardrobe out quite as often!

What do you need to add?

This season you want to avoid adding lots of unnecessary pieces and want to instead opt for things you will get lots of wear from. One of the key trends for 2018, both for woman and young girls is the Teddy Coat. This soft and fluffy coat comes in full length and three-quarter length styles and is just so perfect for days when you need to be snug and warm, Christmas brings so many outdoor activities, so a teddy coat gives you a stylish look that follows on from the faux fur trends of previous years, but feels a little looser and more cosy.

Another trend you can’t avoid is animal print. It is literally everywhere, so ubiquitous in fact that it is now almost considered a neutral. The great thing about animal print is that you can add as little or as much as you like. I love it, so will wear an animal print dress or skirt, but if you prefer, you can keep it as an accessory – a kitten heeled shoe, a cross body bag, or a scarf that looks amazing teamed with black.

Basics are very important for both your wardrobe and your child’s. You need to think about layering, sometimes it is so cold outside, but when you enter a building the heating is on and you start to melt. You need to be able to take those layers off, so look for good quality long sleeved cotton tops that can be worn under dresses, under hoodies and under jumpers. Bodywarmers and gillets are also great for adding a layer and look really good worn over hoodies for a sports luxe look that is unisex and universal.

What will you be adding to your wardrobe this Winter?





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