Top Tips For Helping Your Child With Maths

Maths is an integral subject in school that goes on well into their final years of school. For those looking to go further in their career in medical-based degrees and so on, maths is a key part of that process.

When your child is young however, they’ll need to learn how to do mental math, how to work on sums, times tables and much more. This guide from a boarding school in Birmingham will show you ways to help your child with their maths skills.

Incorporate maths in their daily lives

Even the small things help with your child’s education. Ask them at random times of the day to calculate things from around the home, like small bills or using fridge magnets to put together sums. As they get older they’ll be getting used to times tables and more complicated maths work; encouraging them to use mental maths on the go will give them plenty of practice for the future.

Sit with them when they do their homework

Children will notice if you help them with their homework and support them along the way. It improves their confidence, the ability for them to work alone and feel happy to receive support from others should they need it. If they do tend to struggle with their maths homework it’s a good time to sit with them and help them along with any problems they’re having.

Before starting any homework, give them a quick refresher

A top tip is to give your child a reminder of what they learnt the day before or in the week so that they can remind themselves of what they remember. The key part of learning is being able to use what you’ve learnt in future equations and mental math exercises. It’ll also challenge your child to see where they need to improve and what to focus on next.


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