Top Tips for Incorporating Learning into Play Time

To help children learn, it is important to make learning as fun as possible. This can be achieved by combining learning with play time or other interests that your child enjoys. Once children discover that learning can be fun and that it can happen anywhere, you will see their engagement increase and their academic abilities improve.

Maltman’s Green School have put together this useful list of fun activities to help keep your children curious, motivated and interested in learning outside of school…

Outdoor Learning

Children learn best when using all of their senses, so getting outdoors is a great way to teach children about the world around them. Exploring nature can provide many fun learning opportunities, so try to encourage your child to observe their surroundings, weather and wildlife.

If your children enjoy the great outdoors, you could try Geocaching. This is a fun outdoor activity where families search for hidden capsules using a GPS app. You’ll be surprised at how many geocaches there are waiting to be found in your local area. This is also a great way to learn more about unique geological features along the way.


Cooking is a great way to develop your child’s reading, writing and math skills. Ask your child to read a recipe, write a shopping list, find the ingredients at the supermarket and then get cooking!
They will also be able to practice their maths skills when they are measuring out the ingredients. Cookbooks are an ideal way to explore food from other cultures around the world and you may find that your children are much more likely to eat something new if they have made it themselves.


If your child has an interest in a particular topic, then you could help to explore this interest by planning a trip to a museum. Furthermore, you could create a treasure hunt for your museum visit, by asking your child to find certain exhibits or artefacts around the museum.
Not only will a museum trip make a fun day out for all the family, but it can also help to inspire and enrich your child’s learning experience.