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Trade Furniture Company – Amazing quality and price.

When we moved into our home in 2003, we got a cheap pine dining table and chairs which was just meant to ‘tide us over’ until we got something better. Fast forward a few years, and the table was still there, but now we also had a child, and it seemed silly to change the table that was now used not just for feeding, but for painting, plastacine and general play. But Joe is now 6 and we recently decided that it was finally time to change the room back to the purpose it was designed for – dining and entertaining. Hence complete gutting, redecoration and finally, a new dining room set.

Trade Furniture Company is a furniture company that was founded in West Yorkshire in 2007. It has a focus on handmade furniture that uses a range of beautiful wood, from solid mango, rosewood, teak or oak. Trade Furniture has pieces suitable for every room, from the bedroom, living room and the dining room, which is, of course, what I was most interested in. Looking further onto the website, I was also impressed with the customer service promise that furniture would be assembled for you in any downstairs room, and that it would also be positioned exactly as you wanted it to be. All rubbish would also be removed by the company.

Although moving away from the pine table, I still wanted to keep the look light and fresh, so the Light Mango wood really appealed to me. I also wanted a slightly larger table than we had before, something that would be a real focal piece of the room. The piece I eventually chose was the Mango Light 160cm Dining Table & 4 Mango Chairs .

Mango Light 160cm Dining Table & 4 Mango Chairs £399.95 click to visit Trade Furniture Company
Mango Light 160cm Dining Table & 4 Mango Chairs £399.95 click to visit Trade Furniture Company



This table and chairs is 100% solid wood. Made from Indian Mango Wood, the table is solid, sturdy and made to last a long, long time. When it arrived, the legs had to be attached and this was done by the delivery driver, very quickly and smoothly. The chairs are already fully constructed, so it is up to you how you place them around the table, each side could hold three chairs if you wanted to position the table against a wall. The delivery time had been negotiable and limited to a couple of hours – no waiting in all day for something that finally arrives at teatime.





I was very impressed with how quickly the table was assembled and organised. I literally did not have to lift a finger for the table to be exactly where I wanted it, and, as promised, all the boxes and packaging was taken away – no need to fill my recycling bin. All I really needed to do was dress the table. It is absolutely beautiful in real life – a piece that will only look more stunning as it ages, and the statement piece I wanted. The colour in the wood is just lovely, and already visitors to the house are swooning at our (finally!) lovely dining room.



Trade Furniture Company offer fabulous pieces with a great customer service too. They make life very easy for you in terms of delivery, assembly and ordering. The only thing you might find difficult is what to choose – it is all so gorgeous.

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