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Traditional Kitchens with a modern touch

“My family and I cook at home almost every day together. The kitchen is the central and most important room in the house; it’s a great way for us to connect.”

Jose Andres Puerta

For many families, the kitchen is totally the heart of the home, a warm, welcoming environment that is constantly filled with hustle and bustle. In recent years, decor for kitchens has moved towards the ultra modern, with bright coloured high gloss units that are stylish and functional, being wipe clean and hard wearing, combining the practical with the tasteful. I think an element in this move has been the abundance of kitchen gadgets that we all seem to be putting in our kitchens, these look modern and space-age and generally suit a kitchen in this style too.

 We had a new kitchen a few years ago and went for a sleek, modern design in ecru. This was bright and made our rather small kitchen seem a little lighter, and as all the units were wipe clean, and we had a rather messy little boy, it was a good choice. But recently I have been looking at the more traditional style kitchens and have been lusting after designs that incorporate the features of Shaker Style, or have cupboards with impractical but oh so pretty glass doors. I love kitchens with Silestone worktops which are non scratch and so can look good and last for years. You can find these, and other ranges at The Marble Store, where you can find a style to match pretty much any type of kitchen, and to blend in with your colour scheme.
I have fallen in love with kitchens that frankly look like they should be in a large farmhouse, and generally feel that these kitchens may not have the glossy shine of more modern designs, but they exude a vintage glamourous style just seems to be more adult, more grown up. Less about dirty hands and sticky fingers and more about entertaining friends, coffee and chat and serious attempts at cooking up a storm.
Beautiful and traditional kitchens
What is your kitchen like? Do you favour the traditional or modern designs?

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