Transform Your Bedroom From Fab To Drab!

Summer is just around the corner, and with that in mind, I’m looking at a few Summer resolutions, which you can spruce up your home as June rolls around. In particular, you may find your bedroom needs a bit of TLC in order to make it your dream space.

I have been working with Laura Ashley who have been looking at the key ideas for bedroom transformation for 2018 and have produced some key tips when it comes to bedroom design.

Now, in this post I am going to expand on some ideas to turn your bedroom into your personal sanctuary.

Eliminate all distractions

Sometimes a lot of us find we suffer from lack of sleep – and much of this can be down to having so many distractions in our bedroom. Of course, we’re not suggesting you get rid of your eye candy partner, but rather the digital distractions – smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions should all be eliminated. This is a bedroom, not a university common room – make it a place of sleep.

 Give your bed some va-va voom

Does your mattress feel like a bed of nails? Does your headboard resemble something from the Depression era? Your bed is the central focus of your room so you need to make it look as appealing as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing a whole new suite – you can even jazz it up with something as simple as a headboard. A beautiful metal headboard in chrome can completely change the look of your bed.


Create the illusion of space

If you’re not blessed with the luxury of extra space, you can make your bedroom look all the bigger by employing a few tips. First off, consider painting or papering your room in brighter colours, which instantly open up a room. Second, think about the first thing your eye is drawn to when you enter the room – is it something big and bulky? Try moving furniture to have smaller items as the point of focus, which will create the illusion of freeing up extra space.


Make a personal dresser

This is the room where you’ll inevitably be primping and preening yourself, so you should make an effort to have this area of the bedroom looking organised. Put in a cheap dressing table, even if it’s just a side table, and arrange your products neatly around the mirror. Keep it far from the bed if you can to avoid any accidents.


Add those individual touches

This is particularly fitting if you’re co-habiting with a significant other. While distractions are a no-no, there’s nothing wrong with having a few photos around the place. You could get creative and add some quirky photo frames around the place, filled with personal photos of your favourite memories.