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One of the most vibrant and attractive cities in the UK is the Welsh capital Cardiff. It is also a relatively young city, not achieving the status until 1905, and not being proclaimed the capital city until 1955. So, you could say young, when compared to London, Dublin, Belfast and Edinburgh. But Cardiff has a lot to recommend it when it comes to shopping, food, nightlife and culture. In recent years it has become a bit of a must visit for fans of Dr Who and Torchwood, many key episodes of which were filmed in the city, whilst the Millennium Stadium is home to key sporting events including World Boxing title fights and the Champions League Final in 2017, and the city football team Cardiff City have recently won promotion to the Premier League. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and you’ll most definitely have a blast if you come with your family and friends. For days on end, get ready to indulge in hours of fun and activities. Not to mention the plethora of accommodation options available if you do your research before flying there. This is especially imperative if you’re traveling on a budget and need to source for cheap hotels to make your trip all the more worth it!

But there is so much more to Cardiff than sports and Dr Who. The Small Move Company has produced a series of great guides to Cardiff, including one which gives lots of brilliant suggestions for places to go when visiting the City. The guide is designed to point you in the direction of some of the lesser known gems of the city – for instance, did you know there was a highly rated restaurant in Cardiff Prison called ‘The Clink?’ which has become a fashionable haunt known for top quality food? No. Me neither but it does sound like an interesting place to visit.


If you are looking to visit Cardiff this Autumn, and are wondering what sort of theatrical and cultural treats you could experience, then you are in for some real treats. This September alone sees ‘The League of Gentlemen’ live at the Motorpoint arena, the classic movie Rainman coming from screen to stage with Matthew Horne and Ed Speleers playing the Babbitt brothers at the New Theatre. You can also experience one of the most popular films of recent times, The Greatest Showman’ in the glorious grounds of Cardiff Castle, which is certainly something not to be missed.

Cardiff Castle dominates the city and is certainly a must visit for history buffs, with a fifty minute guided house tour a great way to get a snapshot of the magnificent building. If however, history is not your thing, you may still find yourself tempted by the spookfest that is Halloween cinema where the castle is the setting for three days of dark and creepy movies, from Pan’s Labyrinth, to Hocus Pocus and my own personal favourite ‘The Lost Boys’ – such an 80s classic!

Cardiff is a city which seems to never sleep, and is well worth a trip this Autumn, whether you are starting your Christmas shopping or just enjoying a weekend with the girls, or a romantic time with your partner.

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