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Travel Needs Sorted With Cabin Zero

For many people, the joys of traveling and experiencing new places are slightly tempered by the luggage situation. So many airlines now charge you for putting luggage into the hold, which makes the option of ‘hand luggage only’ so much more attractive. But many of the cases which are advertised as perfect as carry-on luggage, or as airline approved, are heavy before you’ve even put anything inside, and their design means that you are not just traveling light, but are traveling very, very light indeed.

Classic 44L – Ultra light Cabin Bag – Naga Red
£60.00 GBP Click to visit Cabin Zero

Cabin Zero is a different proposition. Their bags are airline approved by most airlines (standard cabin bag dimensions of 55x40x20cm), but they are also ultra lightweight so that you can make the most of the weight allowance. They come in a range of colours, so they can be matched to your existing luggage, or just to your style taste. They are also very security conscious, with both a zipper fastening, luggage clasps, and are also fitted with a tracker device so that you can avoid that awful lost luggage feeling. Cabin Zero are so secure about their bags that they come with a 10 year guarantee.

There are so many things that recommend Cabin Zero bags for your travel needs. They are waterproof on the outside, so keeping your clothes and belongings inside dry. They can be carried in many different ways, from like a rucksack on your back (with lovely thick straps that won’t dig into your shoulder blades) but you can also hold this like a traditional suitcase, either on its side or upright. The case area is lined, and also has a front zipped pocket which is useful for travel documents or anything you need to find in a hurry. Plus, it looks super stylish, and it holds loads, very important, if, like me, the idea of traveling light means only five pairs of shoes.

Cabin Zero offers a practical, and yet luxurious option to traveling hand luggage only.




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