Travel Quote Sweatshirt From ZMC

“Looking good and feeling comfortable everyday should not be expensive!”

ZMC is a new fashion brand that is based in London, and has both comfort, style and design at its heart. Headed by Charmaine, it stocks a range of items, including pieces that have prints that have been designed by Charmaine, along with a specially curated range of leggings, tops, mobile phone cases, bags and swimsuits for every taste and occasion.

ZMC pieces are perfect for casual wear and as sportswear, particularly for traveling to and from sports, the gym and fitness training. The leggings and tops are also great for yoga. A key case in point is the Travel Quote Sweatshirt that I have been wearing a lot lately.

This is a unisex, oversized design that comes in a wide range of colours. It is a long sleeved, slouchy style, and features a gorgeous slogan on the front ‘Wander Often, Wonder Always’. The sweatshirt is a mixture of cotton and polyester and washes really well, with the fabric ensuring there is no bobbling, something that can make your clothes look old very quickly.

The sweatshirt is really roomy. I am wearing an xl, but could easily size down, and the range goes up to a 5xl, which is really inclusive and makes it a perfect unisex piece. By sizing up you make the sweatshirt great for layering, as I did, wearing it over a black polo neck jumper for Joe’s football match last week, and feeling very warm and cosy despite the -2 temperature.

I think this sweatshirt works best with simple skinny jeans and trainers for a warm and casual look, but it would also be great teamed with a good pair of leggings for yoga, or even worn with a denim skirt once the weather gets a little warmer. For just £18 I think the quality and style is really impressive – I’m definitely thinking of getting another in the white colourway for the price.

If you want to check out more of the products that Charmaine has designed and curated, check out the links below.

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