Travel: Try A Cruise This Summer.

If you are currently planning your Summer holiday, it might be time to think about trying a cruise. Cruising is by far my most favoured form of holiday, it is suitable for both couples and families and offers you the chance to stay in luxury whilst enjoying a whole wealth of destinations. I have cruised 4 times now, and am currently looking at a cruise for next Summer, when my dad will be enjoying his 65th birthday. So, if you think cruising is not for you, here are some of the reasons why you should reconsider.

You hate flying

If you are one of those people who hate flying, then a cruise that leaves from a UK port could be the perfect solution. If you choose a Fred Olsen Cruise Ship, you could leave from any one of the 10 ports that they use around the UK including Southampton, Tilbury, Harwich, Dover, Falmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle and Greenock. This takes away that fear of flying and means your holiday starts the minute you get to the port.

Lap of Luxury

Cruising is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. Cruise ships are beautiful and are designed to address your every need, with spas, shopping and multi swimming pools onboard. For entertainment, many have their own theatres with nightly shows, as well as talks, quizzes and even midnight movies under the stars.

And then there is the food. You can quite literally eat like kings, and eat all day long if you feel the need. There are five star restaurants offering the best in haute cuisine, and buffets for those nights when you just want to chill out with a burger. Afternoon tea, midnight snacks, pizza delivered to your room – it is all there in your floating palace.

But I don’t do formal…

A cruise ship allows you to enjoy the holiday that you want, so if formal is not your style, you don’t have to do it. There are plenty of bars and informal dining options that you can indulge in.

Similarly, if you are worried about the size of the ships, you can choose a smaller option. I have traveled on a ship which had thousands of passengers, but the Fred Olsen line only has between 804-1,350 passengers on each voyage.

The best of both worlds

Cruising can combine sun and sunbathing, with all the best that a city break has to offer. Every day you will arrive at a new port of call, and then you have the choice to explore and enjoy all the new city has to offer, or you can stay on the ship and enjoy the sunshine. A cruise really offers the best of both worlds and allows you to make the decisions.

If you do want to explore, you can do this at your leisure, or you can book one of the many excursions your ship has to offer.

Cruising is the ultimate in holiday experiences. If you think it is not for you, maybe now is the time to think again.

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