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Travelbag focuses on restaurants in Dubai

A quick question for you. On all the holidays you have enjoyed and all the places you have travelled to, where is the best place you have ever eaten? This could relate to travels in Europe, further afield, or in the UK? I have been lucky enough to do some travelling, visiting some stunning and spectacular places over the years, especially before Joe was born. I loved the exciting cuisine of the Far East, especially the street food that costs so little and yet tastes so good, but if I had to pick the best food that I had eaten whilst enjoying a holiday, I would have to say that Dubai had the best, and most diverse restaurants.


Travelbag, the holiday website that helps you plan every stage of your holiday, and tailor makes it to your needs, has recently put together a great interactive map of some of the finest places to eat in Dubai. This is a great tool if you are trying to find somewhere great to eat, somewhere within your budget, or a place that specialises in a certain kind of cuisine. I was really excited to see that two of the restaurants featured where based in the Jumeirah Beach hotel, which is where I stayed with my husband when I visited Dubai.


The Jumeirah Beach hotel had so many different kinds of restaurants (I think it had 18 in total at that time, probably more today.). You could eat English Pub ‘grub’ which included the most amazing steaks, traditional fish and chips,  and a delicious fish pie recipe that I could, quite frankly live on for the rest of my life. There was a traditional Italian Gelataria, which seemed to have ice cream in every flavour, and there was also La Parilla which was the best restaurant of all, a sort of Argentinian Steakhouse with steaks of every kind along with seafood and vegetarian dishes. The food was just amazing, but it was the stunning views that made this restaurant so unique and special.


Have you ever been to Dubai? Where is the best place you have ever eaten?



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