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Trendy Accessories For Summer. 5 ideas

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Belts, scarves, bags, shoes, jewellery, hats – there are so many accessories you can rock this summer. But do you know how to combine them and make them work well with your favourite clothes? D2Line is here to guide you through all the trendy accessories for summer and provide you with the styling advice you need!

The importance of accessories

Individual touch

Accessories are more than just a pretty add-on to your outfits. They are a way to express yourself and your personal style and allow you to add an individual touch to each clothing combination. 

Finished looks

Let’s talk about the other power of accessorising right. No look is finished until you add the accessories. Trendy accessories can liven up your outfits and make them look stunning, flawless, and complete.

5 ideas for summer accessories

Trainers And Converse And Invisible Socks

Of course you need your sandals for Summer, but don’t reject your trusty trainers and Converse boots. They are comfortable, practical and look great with pretty much all your Summer wardrobe, from toughening up your pretty Summer frocks, to being the perfect footwear to wear with your denim cut offs when you hit the holiday tourist trail.

One thing you do need to invest in are some reliable and stylish invisible socks. These ensure that your feet avoid that sweaty smell and feel that you can find with bare feet and trainers. Invisible socks stop your feet from rubbing and getting blisters, but also gives you the sexy glimpse of ankle and look just perfect when you decide to wear cropped jeans. Ensure you look for socks that have grips so you don’t lose them in your trainers!


Sun glasses

Sunglasses are the probably most important summer accessory out there. Not only will they make you look stunning and elevate your fit but will also protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays and allow you to see even when it’s the brightest outside. 

Some of the trendy sunglasses shapes this summer are cat-eye frames, round frames, thick-rimmed glasses, square retro glasses, and clear frames. For the lens colour, go for what you like the most and what would best suit your other accessories and personal summer clothing collection.

Remember – always wear sunglasses with UV protection. Otherwise, you might be harming your eyes without even realising it!


Hats are a wardrobe staple for the summer season. During the long hot days, it is almost inevitable to spend time under the sun. That’s why you need to have a summer hat ready! This season the most trendy head accessories are bucket hats, berets, cloches, and sunhats. Having a few types of hats can ensure you have a hat for every occasion and social setting. Our advice is to go for a light-coloured hat that reflects the sun’s rays. 

In summer, staying for long periods under the sun can be very tiring, unpleasant, and even dangerous as it can lead to overheating and a heat stroke. Wearing a hat is a great way to avoid that, stay off the sun, and enjoy a private shade everywhere you go, even when you are fully exposed to the sun. 


The next trendy accessory on our list is a belt. This summer, to look fabulous in your outfit, we would like to draw your attention to what’s on-trend. Leather belts, wide belts, braided belts, chain belts, and rope belts are all wise fashion choices. 

Each one of these belt types can be combined with a different style of clothing. But what is important when you accessorise with belts is to make sure they are style-matching and colour-matching the rest of the accessories. As well as complementing the overall look you are going after.


This summer make your outfits pop with an elegant neckerchief or a fashionable twill scarf. If you are wondering which material is the best for a summery scarf, then be sure you can never go wrong with silk. Silk scarves look stunning and elegant, they are lightweight, and will you will barely feel them on your skin.

The trendy colours to look out for are powder pink, red, white, and beige. Combine the accessory with your business-casual or formal attire for a look that will turn all heads your way. Complete the look with heels colour-matching the scarf, a fashionable bag, and tiny earrings and bracelet set.



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